A very satisfactory day

We set off to visit East Wemyss after breakfast with a little trepidation as 110 miles is a long way to drive these days. The car behaved perfectly and ate a little extra electricity in a supermarket car park while we had coffee and a bun in the cafe. We arrived at lunchtime and after a good meal, Tony and Marianne took us out for a four and a half mile walk.

I will put on a little gallery from the walk tonight but I will do a full post on the beauties of East Wemyss when I get home.

Tomorrow we hope to find a charger to top up the car with enough electricity to get us home.

Published by tootlepedal

Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

11 thoughts on “A very satisfactory day

  1. I smiled at the distance you travelled. It is all a matter of perspective and how one gets used to distance. That distance would take us to the next big town north of us, which is two hours away with only a hamlet in-between. Because towns are so far apart, such distances mean ‘nothing’ in the sense of having to cover them to get anywhere. Having enjoyed the gallery of ‘teasers’ in this post, I am looking forward to seeing more of East Wemyss.

  2. Wonderful photos of East Wemyss- hope the sunshine returns before you leave! Pleased the car behaved on your adventure and hope you find a nearby charging point soon.

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