Singing and gardening

Today’s guest picture comes from my Canonbie friend Simon. He was in Lancashire yesterday when he came across this fine bridge over the River Lune while on a walk near Kirkby Lonsdale.

We had a warm, sunny and breezy day here today. As we were singing in two choirs, morning and afternoon, we didn’t get out of the garden in between singing.

The hymns in church were on the dull side this morning, but I got the opportunity to read the lessons so that made the service more interesting than usual for me.

After church, we had coffee, and then got busy in the garden. Mrs Tootlepedal did those mysterious things that gardeners do, and I mowed the vegetable garden and greenhouse grass, and then cleared another load of well pecked moss off the middle lawn. I didn’t see any jackdaws on the lawn today, so maybe they have finally eaten all the grubs that there were to eat.

I also gave the tray under the bird feeder a good scrub in the dam, and I was pleased to see the birds back on the feeder soon after I had replaced it.

I did spend quite a lot of time walking around with cameras in hand looking for bees. I found one on the ajuga . . .

. . . and one in the close embrace of an azalea.

I took a picture of the azalea too, because it has such a delicate colour, and the sharp eyed will be able to spot the bee in the top right corner of the bush.

We are really pleased with the tree peony this year as it has never before been so keen to reveal its flowers as it is at present. I don’t what it is about the weather that has caused this, but I hope it happens next year too.

There is plenty of sweetness in the garden at the moment with Sweet Rocket flowering . . .

. . . and Sweet Williams looking very promising.

There are Welsh poppies wherever you look.

Mrs Tootlepedal is not very happy with her Choisya, because it doesn’t look as well as it should, but it does have some flowers on it.

Against the wall of the house, the Cotoneaster Horizontalis has more flowers on it than you could count . . .

. . . and the pansies, purchased on our East Wemyss holiday, have survived the trip back to Langholm very well.

I fortified myself for the afternoon choir with a large bacon sandwich for my lunch, and then went out and took a lot more garden pictures. At 19°C (66°F), it was a grand day for wandering about aimlessly in the sunshine.

To be fair, there was plenty more to point the camera at, so it wasn’t entirely aimless wandering.

I saw fungus in the wood chip soil covering the bed beside the drive . .

. . . and an archful of future roses . . .

. . . pretty polemoniums . .

. . . elegant aquilegias . . .

. . . classy clematis . . .

. . . and an attractive azalea.

After a last look at the bird feeder . . .

. . . we drove off to Carlisle to sing with the Carlisle Community Choir. It was a happy experience. Our conductor, Ellen, was in sparkling form, we learned new songs and sang old favourites, and best of all, we took a vote of those present and abandoned social distancing so that for the first time for two years, we could finally hear the rest of the choir properly.

We drove home in lovely sunshine and a very contented state of mind.

The leaves on the walnut tree looked particularly pretty in the evening sunshine when we got home.

The flying bird of the day is a sparrow. Unusually for a flying bird of the day, this one is flying backwards under pressure from a goldfinch.

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24 thoughts on “Singing and gardening

  1. That crenelated bridge is absolutely smashing! I quite expect to see Sir Lancelot trotting across on a great steed.

  2. That’s a nice clematis blossom. We won’t see them for a while.
    I’m looking forward to seeing the rose arch in bloom. That’s a lot of training.
    The pink azalea is a beauty. I think it’s just slightly darker than our native wild azaleas, which I hope to see soon. The wild ones are very fragrant.

  3. Wonderful selection of colour in your garden. The pansies are looking very good.
    So glad you were able to sing without social distancing at last.

  4. Love all the photos of the flowers in your garden. Hope they entice all the insects back. Two choir visits, mowing, taking photos and writing this post…I think you have more hours in your day than me!!

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