Soup and biscuits

Today’s guest picture was sent to me by Dropscone because he knows that I like bridges. It comes from his son Benjamin who is on holiday somewhere vaguely familiar.

We had some heavy showers overnight, and we woke to a grey and often rainy morning. I found a dry moment to scoot round to the corner shop on my new bike, using plenty of power from the battery to get me there and back before the rain started again.

As I came back from the shop, I saw a man looking along the dam and so I stopped to see what he was looking at, and then I nipped inside and came back out with my camera.

This is what he saw . . .

. . . and this is what my camera saw.

It was Mr Grumpy paying us a visit and checking out the dam for possible snacks.

I say that it was Mr Grumpy and not some other passing heron on the basis that he was quite happy to let me get close and then pose for the picture . . .

. . . not common behaviour among herons. He looked quite well kempt though. He didn’t stop for long and soon flew off for more productive waters.

We enjoyed Margaret’s company over coffee, and then Mrs Tootlepedal sat down to write up some more minutes of meetings while I made some lentil and carrot soup for lunch and followed that with some oatmeal and raisin biscuits. I am still experimenting with these as I don’t have a recipe, and I used wholemeal flour today. The results were more flapjacks than crunchy biscuits but they will be no hardship to eat. I like to think that they are healthy as they have oatmeal and fruit in them, but as there are also mountains of butter and and rivers of syrup involved, that may be a pipedream.

It wasn’t a day for going out into the garden so while Mrs Tootlepedal toiled over the keyboard, I watched birds. There were a lot more sparrows than usual today. This one had been taught by its mother to sit up very straight when it was eating.

Siskins weren’t impressed by the invading sparrows . . .

. . . and they had to wait their turn until a perch was free.

Not much fun in the rain.

One sparrow showed off its wings for the camera.

There was a rude interruption though, when a starling crashed the party.

It had quite a lot of difficulty getting a secure perch . . .

. . . but did manage to get a seed or two before giving up.

One of the resident blackbirds watched the fun from a hedge.

In the garden, the azaleas looked pretty cheerful even on such a gloomy day.

I honed my idling skills in the afternoon to such an extent that I did absolutely nothing constructive at all. Luckily we had Zoom calls first with our granddaughter Matilda and her parents, and then with my brother and sisters to help to pass the time.

When the sun finally came out in the early evening, I dashed out for a quick walk while the going was good. I had time to enjoy the copper beeches at the park . . .

. . . the sun shining on Whita Hill above the river and town . . .

. . . and an oystercatcher beside the water . . .

. . . before clouds hid the sun again, and I beat a hasty retreat back to the house.

By the the time that the weather looked set fair, it was too late in the day for an outing, so the day must go down as one of the less exciting days of the year so far.

Still, I did get a heron as the flying bird of the day and that is a great rarity.

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21 thoughts on “Soup and biscuits

  1. It was kind of Mr. Grumpy to pay you a visit on a gloomy day. The azaleas do brighten things up quite a bit, too.

    The number of birds visiting our feeder is dropping off as the season progresses and gets warmer. I was surprised to see four chickens under it today, collecting seed off of the ground.

  2. Mr. Grumpy didn’t look grumpy at all. He must have been on his best behavior. I finally settled on my oatmeal cookie/biscuit recipe but with last week’s heat wave I have lost interest in making any more. The oystercatcher looks like it recognizes you too.

  3. Very pleased to see Mr G in such fine form and being the flying bird of the day too.
    Glad it brightened up in the evening – great picture of the oyster catcher.

  4. Good to see Mr Grumpy flying and taking centre stage! I had a chuckle at your biscuit comments- sounded as though they be very tasty. Love the photo of the oyster catcher- a handsome bird in a perfect setting.

  5. The Mr Grumpys up there in Scotland are well trained models unafraid of cameras. The complete opposite of those to be found here. Anyway a day of ‘Soup and biscuits’ sounds a very entertaining day to the rest of us in tootlepedallers i.e. tootlepedal fans.

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