On a roll

Today’s guest picture cones from our son Alistair in Edinburgh. He thought that this goose in his local park was looking rather noble.

We woke up to a warm and pleasant day after some heavy rain showers overnight. I didn’t rush about after breakfast, and was happy to wait to show any noticeable signs of life until Sandy came round for coffee. He told me that he had had a scan cancelled last week because of sickness among the medical staff. This was a bit annoying for him as he is anxious to get on with his recovery from his operations, and a scan would have been useful to help him understand where he was in the process.

He was very philosophical though, and we enjoyed our coffee and biscuits.

After he had left (with some rhubarb), we got busy in the garden. I mowed the front lawn to get some of the pecked moss off it, and then mowed the parts of the middle lawn that are being kept short. I also cycled round to the corner shop and went to the chemist to pick up a prescription.

In between times, I looked at flowers. The hostas are looking very healthy.

New blooms caught my eye.

Bleeding Heart . . .

. . . clematis by the front door . . .

. . . cornflowers under the plum tree . . .

. . . and nectaroscordum, full of potential.

A little, but very bright euphorbia was looking quite extraordinary.

I took a collection of other favourites which were also looking good in the sun; geum, allium, astrantia and Japanese azalea.

As it happened, the sharpest floral picture of the day was taken with my phone and not my little camera.

We were sitting quietly having lunch after a busy hour in the garden when we were unexpectedly visited by Dropscone bearing gifts. Regular readers will not be entirely surprised to learn that when Dropscone had been passing through a supermarket up in the borders last night, he had found a bargain that was just too good to resist. He had acquired a packet of four seeded rolls for the princely sum of 12p. As the original price had been £1.30, this was too good to miss. He had brought them round as he felt that we might well appreciate four seeded rolls.

We did indeed. We had seeded rolls and honey for our afternoon tea (I had two) and Mrs Tootlepedal had a grilled steak in a seeded roll for her evening meal. Everyone should know someone like Dropscone.

After lunch, I set off for a cycle ride on my road bike with the new handlebars. I had contemplated a thirty mile ride, but it seemed pretty windy and for one reason or another, I didn’t feel very well motivated, so I settled for a turn round my familiar twenty mile Canonbie circuit. Mrs Tootlepedal considered the wind direction and suggested that I might be wise to go round in the opposite direction to my usual effort. This was very sound advice. As I went down the hill to Canonbie, I was often well sheltered from the wind . . .

. . . and as I reached the open country when I climbed out of the Esk valley . . .

The wind blew me up the hill. As a result, I really enjoyed the ride . . . and the wild flowers beside the road; stitchwort, tiny white flower, speedwell and valerian . . .

. . . and geranium, water droplet hemlock, silverweed and horsetail.

The ride was rounded off by a pair of little lambs.

When I got in, I had a cup of tea (and rolls and honey), with Mrs Tootlepedal, and then spent a little time watching the birds at the feeder. Sparrows are turning up more often these days.

. . . sometimes out numbering siskins . . .

. . . but there is plenty of seed to go round.

I had enjoyed my afternoon ride so much that I asked Mrs Tootlepedal if she would like an early evening excursion on our electric bikes. I was very pleased when she said that she would, and quite surprised when she suggested a sporting eleven mile loop involving a farm track . . .

. . . a forestry track . . .

. . . and a stiff climb up and over into the next valley, giving excellent views of the road we had just taken . . .

. . . and the farm that we had passed through.

So between the two contrasting rides, I got my thirty miles in.

It got very gloomy just as we got home, and later in the evening an extremely squally shower rattled the windows of the house, so we were lucky to have got our ride in while the weather was still fine.

The flying bird of the day is a siskin, escaping from too many sparrows.

Published by tootlepedal

Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

32 thoughts on “On a roll

  1. The narrow paved lanes with hedgerows on both sides look to be a perfect place to cycle – I am most envious!

    1. I have to stop if I meet a car on the single track roads but as i don’t meet many, it is not a great problem. We are very lucky to have lots of quiet roads to use.

  2. Do you want to know something I’ve noticed too? The cell phone takes the best pictures of flowers.
    Your flowers are magnificent! Thank you Tom and the Mrs.

  3. Everybody should have a friend like Dropscone. Otherwise a sucessful day. We could use some of your rain very much as it has been dry almost all the month.

  4. The scenery is always a treat to behold, in sun or in gloom. The flowers are beautiful, and the cornflower blue particularly brilliant. I am not sure what the flower was, but you are right about how sharp the image is. Cell phone cameras have come a long way over the years.

  5. There you two go again showing how fit and energetic you are. Thank goodness your pal Dropscone brought you the seeded rolls…must be the seeds that give vigour! love the photo of the sunny tree lined road and all the closeups of your flowers.

    1. The seeded rolls were good but to be fair some of the energy came from batteries. Without that help, we might have been less inclined to dash about. 🙂

  6. Still loving that cornflower. But then you have so many other competing choices for favorite flower. I can almost inhale the aroma!
    “Everyone should know someone like Dropscone.” Truer words were never said!
    That filtered light down the hill to Canonbie is lovely!
    I am still quite envious of your marvelous roads for such beautiful electric bike excursions!

  7. Pedal assisted evening rides, sound great to me. But I’m afraid I’m in the doldrums here. My “good knee” is giving me gyp. I went for a ride on my Pioneer on Monday for a couple of hours, then pottered around trying to get those solid tyres on my SwytchBike. Later in the day my “good knee” became extremely painful and could hardly walk. According to the doctor I’ve strained my medial ligament. So I’m limping yet again. It’s very annoying. Picked up a prescription late this afternoon and spotted my first swallow of the year. Flying low back and forth over a field, not that there were any insects I could see. When I travelled through the field of flowers by Cwmgwrach on Monday there wasn’t a bee in sight. Cheers.

    1. I have seen martins flying low over the river here so there must be some insects about but they are very scarce in the garden.

      I am really sorry to hear about your new knee trouble. That is bad luck indeed.

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