Faith rewarded

Today’s guest picture comes from our friend Bruce. He was amused by the placing of this bollard, and wondered whether it was there for drivers or sailors.

We had another sociable morning today, with both Sandy and Margaret coming round for coffee and conversation. When they had gone their separate ways, we got out into the garden for a while. The weather was variable but we found ourselves in a sunny moment and flowers were glowing.

I spotted a new rose . . .

. . . and enjoyed the sun on the cornflowers . . .

. . . and a new iris.

There were birds and bees to be seen as well.

Earlier in the year, we gave some of our surplus seed potatoes to Sandy, and he planted them in a sack. He told us today that they are doing wonderfully well. Our conventional potato patch is not doing badly either.

I went back in and looked at the birds for a while . . .

. . . and then went back out to enjoy more sunshine and flowers.

Apart from dead heading several Icelandic poppies, I didn’t do anything useful.

The forecast was for changeable weather, but as it was dry after lunch, I decided to go for a cycle ride. Regular readers who are familiar with the whimsical ways of our local weather gods, will not be surprised to learn that just as I started changing into my cycling clothes, it started to pour with rain very heavily indeed.

I had another look at the forecast, and it suggested that the rain would stop soon and then there would be a dry spell. The rain did stop soon but the shower had been so heavy that I certainly wasn’t keen to be out cycling when another one like that arrived. I dithered for a while, but as some blue sky appeared, I decided to trust the forecast and go for a ride.

The wet road was steaming in the sunshine as I left the town, and there were plenty of showers about but for once, they were over there, and where I was, the sun kept shining.

I looked back as I climbed the hill past Wauchope Schoolhouse and was pleased to find that the worst was behind me..

I chose an unadventurous route straight into the wind, with the plan to turn and head for home with the wind behind me as soon as it started to rain heavily again.

I was lucky, and I got as far as Paddockhole Bridge after ten and a half miles without a problem.

I even had time to stop and take pictures of vetch and wild garlic in the verges.

The only downside to the route was the strength of the wind. It was very breezy when I set out, perhaps as a result of a wrinkle in the air pressure connected to that heavy shower. I wasn’t in a mood to fight with the elements, so it took me over an hour to do the ten and half miles to Paddockhole. I came back in 44 minutes!

I didn’t want to push my luck with the weather, so I only stopped once or twice for pictures on the way home. This is a favourite view up the Winterhope valley, as it gives me an excuse to pause halfway up a steep hill.

My timing was good, and it started to rain again not long after I had got home. Once again though, the rain didn’t last long and I was able to have another wander round the garden.

The celery plants which we bought in Fife have settled in well in their high tech individual greenhouses . . .

. . . and the nectaroscordums are starting to flower.

After an early evening meal, the weather looked set fair enough to allow Mrs Tootlepedal and me to get out for an evening ride on our electric bikes. The sun wasn’t as kind as we had hoped and it was a little chilly, but we still enjoyed our outing to Cronksbank, taking the road past the bird hide.

At Cronksbank, we looked over the nature reserve . . .

. . . and set off back to Langholm, before it got too chilly

We did pause to take pictures of horsetail and broom . .

. . . and we spent some time beside the Tarras Water . . .

. . . listening to a rich variety of bird song (but without seeing any of the actual birds that were singing).

Once again the electric bikes proved to be a sound purchase, as they made getting up the three very steep hills on our eight mile jaunt a pleasure rather than a penance. Mrs Tootlepedal has done 175 miles on hers since we bought them a few weeks ago.

The flying bird of the day is a sparrow.

Published by tootlepedal

Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

24 thoughts on “Faith rewarded

  1. A good choice to trust the weather gods as it produced some great photos of quiet cycling roads and superb landscapes.
    Really great views of Winterhope valley.
    How are you finding the flat bar set up ?

  2. I enjoyed this set of photos, from flowers to views. The view of the dark clouds over the hills in the distance was quite impressive.

    I like the individual plastic bottle greenhouse on the celery. That is a very good idea.

  3. I anticipate a rather large panel of all the photos featuring Mrs. T’s back as she cycles away from you. πŸ™‚

    (p.s. – despite Mother Nature’s best efforts to prevent it, I finished seeding the big veg garden today – hooray!)

  4. I think we had the same experience yesterday… I also wanted to go out on my bike as my weather app promissed dry weather. When I opened the door, the rain stared to poor down 😦 After 15 min it was dry again so I decided to proceed my plans. When I stopped at a book store to look around, an other shower came down – lucky me in the shop. It look like april weather πŸ™‚
    Nice little greenhouses fo your cellery !

  5. A cycle and a sauna combined! Stunning photos of all the fine views you saw on your cycles out. I would just love to sit on the banks of the Tarras Water!

  6. Thank you, Tom for giving me a far better name for what we call a “traffic cone”. I much prefer your bollardΒ  (whether for drivers or sailors – it’s a matter of perspective of course.)

    Oh, and thank you for the stunning shot of the cornflowers… they look like they’re dancing in the sun.I did enjoy sharing the bike ride with you and Mrs T.

      1. What is that saying… about how we might be separated by a common language? Or something to that effect! I still like the word “bollard”. I may use it (inappropriately more than likely) just to fool (or impress) anyone within hearing distance. 😏

  7. That picture of your potatoevbeds, reminded me of my dad and both grandads back garden and allotments. Those electric bikes if yours are certainly getting and giving good use. A canny buy, I’d say.

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