Hot work

For us peely wally northerners, it was a bit hot here today so we kept fairly quiet. We did do some rose dead heading in Annie’s garden and I planted some gladiolus bulbs and watered them in.

Before I arrived when it was a bit cooler, Mrs T dug up a philadelphus. They put the root out for the garden waste collection but it was rejected as too big.

It was far too hot for that sort of thing today and we sat on shady seats in the garden instead.

As it is going to be even hotter tomorrow, we will be taking things very gently again.

We passed a very colourful bunch of daisies on the way to collect Evie from her nursery.

Published by tootlepedal

Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

13 thoughts on “Hot work

  1. You have some good shade and seating in the garden. June is still on the cooler and cloudier side here, though the plants in the garden don’t seem to notice. They are beginning to take off with all the generous rain. I think our hollyhocks will do quite well this year.

  2. Pretty garden to relax and stay cool in. Maybe a paddling pool to cool the toes? Turn the root into a garden sculpture/ornament! Full of useless ideas- it’s the heat gone to my head!

  3. The daisies are lovely. And from the size of that root, Mrs. T. ( and whomever she roped into helping her) worked far too hard in such hot weather!

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