Another gentle day

Today’s guest post comes from my brother Andrew. His group walk yesterday took him along the towpath of the Trent and Mersey canal.

We had another day of variable weather here, with occasional sunshine and the odd little shower. In general it was cloudy, but not a bad day to be out in the garden.

We went to church to sing in the choir and sung good hymns heartily. We even had a short practice after the service, so our voices got some useful exercise.

The sun was shining brightly when we came out of church, and the new play area in the Buccleuch Park looked most inviting.

It is not in use yet. The turf has been recently laid, and I think that they are waiting for it to bed in before the official opening. It should be well used when it does open.

After church, we did a little shopping before coming home for a late cup of coffee, and it was after midday before we got out into the garden.

The sun was still out.

I tried to take an interesting close up of the eryngium but when I looked at the picture on my computer, I found that I had been photo bombed by a fly.

I did mean to take the picture of a bee on an Icelandic poppy . . .

. . . and I was pleased to see a bumble bee visiting our thornless blackberry.

I made myself useful by picking sweet peas and a few raspberries, and Mrs Tootlepedal dug up some radishes which hadn’t been eaten when they should have been. They were a good size, bigger than golf balls . . .

. . . but when we tried one later on, it was perfectly eatable.

At the back of the house, the ancient fuchsia is looking much better than we expected.

I enjoyed the bright colour of the only dahlia to have flowered so far . .

. . . and two roses caught my eye . . .

. . . before we went in for lunch.

I took the opportunity to look out of the window at the birds on the feeder. I put a big lens on my camera and took a close up of a siskin . . .

. . . and a goldfinch.

Like yesterday, I did think of going for a walk or a pedal after lunch, but also like yesterday, inertia overcame any effort to translate the thought into action, and I stayed at home.

The Tour de France and the delightful scenery of Denmark has a lot to answer for.

I did get out into the garden to do some dead heading, and to take a picture of a fresh shoot on the lupins . . .

. . . as well as a selection of clematis flowers.

I didn’t sit around the whole time after that, as I got up occasionally to look at birds, though this pigeon was a bit reluctant to look at me.

The feeder was often quite busy . . .

. . . and a goldfinch was bowled over by the passing of a sparrow.

Laster on, there was a more restful moment for a sparrow. They are more colourful than you might think.

Later on, we went back out into the garden where Mrs Tootlepedal had some planting to do in the vegetable garden.
it was sunny when we went out and I saw a young starling perched in the rowan tree.

I got the ladder out, and trimmed back the clematis over the garage. It has finished flowering, and if it is not cut back, it invades the gutters.

We finished just in time as it started to rain as we were tidying up.

I did manage to take a picture of the new iris before we went in.

We should have rather more settled weather next week and i hope to be a bit more active than I have been this weekend. To be fair, I have been a bit tired lately, and although it is not a very palatable idea, I may have been feeling my age a little. June was quite a busy month.

Mrs Tootlepedal cooked fish pie for our evening meal, and we followed that up with raspberries and cream, so the day was not a complete write off, in spite of the lack of action.

The flying bird of the day is a greenfinch looking to give a goldfinch a surprise.

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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

21 thoughts on “Another gentle day

  1. You did a great job on the clematis,which having done myself a few times is not an easy job,
    I trimmed a 10 ft high 40 ft,long hawthorn hedge with long handled battery hedge cutters and I was absolutely done in for a few days. My wife says a should get somebody to do it,but if I hav the tools I like to do jobs myself.
    Some great bird close ups today.

  2. I think every child in town is probably dreaming about which activity they’ll do first on that playground. It looks like it’ll be great fun.
    You got lucky with the radishes. Usually when they get that big they almost turn to wood.
    I loved seeing all the flowers and the insects on them but my favorite shot today was the sleepy looking pigeon.

  3. Lovely insect photographs – the photo bombing fly is a winner. The garden is a great source of subjects if you have a good reason for staying in, I find

    1. I was surprised that i didn’t see the fly when I was taking the photo. I agree about the possibilities a garden offers a man with a camera and time on his hands.

  4. Looks like a splendid playground perfect when the grandchildren come to stay. Beautiful iris and I needed sunglasses for the photo of that bright rose! I like sparrows- very underrated little birds!

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