Today’s guest picture comes from Mrs Tootlepedal. She put our trail camera out last night and captured a welcome visitor.

I had every intention of going for a bike ride today, but I was defeated by the thermometer. By the time that Sandy and Margaret had come round for coffee, the temperature had already risen a lot, and it didn’t stop until it got to 34°C (94°F) in the mid afternoon. As the wind had dropped, it was really too hot to spend much time in the garden, let along contemplate a bike ride. I did go outside as often as I could for short spells, but even that left me feeling a bit ‘off’ and I needed time to recover.

As a result, there is very little to say about my day. I took pictures of flowers when I went out, and pictures of birds when I stayed in. The heat got to the birds too and there weren’t many of them about. Luckily there was an interesting stage of the Tour de France to fill in the afternoon in the company of Mrs Tootlepedal. In the evening I made some blackcurrant cordial.

I was worried that the heat might do a lot of damage in the garden but the roses held up well . . .

. . . and some even looked as though they were enjoying the weather.

The perennial wallflower looked a bit exhausted . . .

. . . but the sweet peas . . .

. . . and the runner beans . . .

. . . were very cheerful.

The salvia could be doing better but is trying hard.

While I was out in the garden, I spotted a blackbird taking a rest on a hedge before carrying a heavy load back to a nest.

I amused myself by peering closely at flowers like the knapweed . . .

. . .the ligularia . . .

. . . and a day lily.

Today’s new flower is a coreopsis.

I mostly looked at the birds during the advertisement breaks in the tour coverage. Business was slow enough to allow for personal portraits.

There were one or two busier moments . . .

. . . but the seed went down very slowly today.

The forecast suggests that we should be down to reasonable summer temperatures tomorrow, and there may even be a bit of rain later in the week. They had to cancel a ride out today as it would have been too hot for the horses, but we seem to have got off lightly from what has been a worrying period for many people in other parts of the country.

The blackcurrant cordial turned out very well for a first effort, and I may well make it again next year if we get a good crop again. I stewed the first pickings of our gooseberries today, and found them pretty sharp. We ate the first broad beans of the year with our evening meal.

The flying bird of the day is an angry greenfinch. It was probably feeling the heat.

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26 thoughts on “Intolerable

  1. Very glad the hedgehog paid you a visit! You were smart to break you day into smaller bursts of activity – anything in the 90’s is not at all conducive to doing much of anything. I am very lucky to have a good and generous friend with an in-ground swimming pool and am able to start my days with a dip 🙂

  2. We reached 92 F. here and it’s supposed to be hot and humid all week. That’s how summers can be here though, so it’s no surprise. I went for a walk in it but it became a short one.
    I’m glad you were able to get a shot of the hedgehog. I remember when you had one living there for a bit.
    Those were nice shots of the flowers. Most can take the heat perfectly well here as long as they get plenty of water. No water and they wilt quickly. Even the roadside “weeds” wilt and often die in this weather.

    1. We are watering as much as our patience will allow but there are a lot of flowers so they are mostly left to themselves. The hot weather has passed on and we are set for more normal temperatures now.

  3. We are feeling some heat here again, though slightly cooler than what you are seeing. I agree with Allen, as long as you can keep the flowers watered, most should survive. Some will do well in the heat, others will shy away and die back. Your gardens seem set up so plants are densely planted and shading each other’s roots, which helps a lot. If the heat gets worse and is prolonged, you may want to consider a shade cloth canopy for the more sensitive plantings.

    I am very happy to see the hedgehog on trail cam!

    1. The heat has subsided which is very welcome but we are still waiting for some rain. It feels a little as though a thunderstorm might appear but we are not holding our breath. There was a rumble of thunder last night but no rain.

  4. Seeing the hedgehog is fun – reports of high temperatures and urban fires is not. Your garden is doing well in this heat. I wish cooler weather for you as well as rain to perk up your garden.

  5. We stayed indoors with the windows and doors closed and a fan on high speed….. we survived 😉
    Lucky that is was only one day, in Spain, France and Portugal it’s much worse.

  6. Congratulations on having enough energy to go out and take those lovely photos….the heat just sapped my energy! Love the bird portraits. They look perky enough bet the others are in the shade somewhere and tut tutting at them! Good news about the hedgehog too.

    1. I felt a lot worse than I expected which was a bit of a blow. I may have passed the age where I can ignore good advice about sensible precautions.

  7. I wish the House Sparrows in my yard ate less in the heat but they seem to consume more. I am not a fan of hot weather at all. You don’t have to worry about impressing me. 🙂

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