A fairly dull day

Today’s picture comes from our younger son Alistair. He came across this very fine fungus last week.

We had a marked change in the weather here today, with some very heavy but short showers interrupting a grey and damp day. Luckily, the early rain had stopped by the time that I walked up to the town to make some purchases at the monthly market in the Market Place. Fish, meat pies, quality bread flour, local honey and a bar of soap found their way into my shopping bag, and I walked home in a rather lopsided way, thinking that I should have brought two shopping bags with me for better balance.

We had coffee when I got home, and Sandy dropped in to pick up some of the backlog of Archive Group work and had a cup of coffee while he was here.

As he left, another heavy rain shower made sure that we stayed indoors.

When it stopped, we went off to do more shopping at the Co-op, and tried not to notice that things have got more expensive.

After lunch, Mrs Tootlepedal went off to visit our local council recycling centre. It is our nearest centre but not very local as it requires a thirty mile round trip to get to it. While she was out, I made a tarte tatin with apples from one of our espaliers. It turned out to look quite reasonable . . .

. . . but the pastry hadn’t cooked properly throughout so it was not quite such a treat as I had hoped. Still, the apples were very tasty.

When Mrs Tootlepedal got home, we watched the end of today’s stage of the Vuelta, and then I finally got out into the garden for a look around.

Once again, sunflowers provided the only sun to be seen . . .

. . . but there were bright spots. A new uninvited yellow verbascum has appeared to join the white ones that pop up all over the garden . . .

. . . and I was very surprised to find a red admiral butterfly on a buddleia.

We haven’t had any cold nights so roses are still trying to come out . . .

. . . and there were a heartening number of bees and flies about.

It was generally too grey for good pictures, but the hoverfly on the Japanese anemone stayed very still for me as I leaned in.

In spite of the heavy rain showers, there were still plenty of flowers in the front beds for the insects to visit.

The rain made Mrs Tootlepedal think about protecting exposed soil in her vegetable garden beds so she proposed a visit to a spot two miles up the Wauchope road where we could collect some bracken. As we came out of the drive, she spotted an interesting caterpillar on one of the nasturtiums at the front gate, so there was a slight pause . . .

. . . while this was recorded. It is the caterpillar of the large white butterfly. There must be lot more of them in the garden.

She had chosen a good place for collecting bracken . . .

. . . and after gathering a couple of armfuls myself, I left her to it and had a look round for wild flowers.

Then I strolled through the field and down towards the river.

I didn’t go through this gate . . .

. . . but walked on through eyebright . . .

. . . and what turned out to be a large crop of fungus which must have been enjoying the rain.

I hopped over a stile under a larch tree, and went to the river bank. There was not much water running in spite of the heavy showers. The path beside the river is getting badly eroded as more and more trees fall into the water.

When we do get some big floods, there are a lot of trees waiting to be swept downstream.

Mrs Tootlepedal had got the car as full as possible by the time that I got back, and we drove home where the bracken was distributed on the veg beds.

I got my phone out and took a couple of rather dim pictures in the deteriorating light. A euphorbia looked rather mysterious . . .

. . . and the border beside the middle lawn still has something to offer with a good combination of shapes and shades of colour. (The flowers that look orange in the picture are in fact bright yellow in real life.).

The feeder had been very quiet all day, but when I had gone inside, Mrs Tootlepedal came in to tell me that if I wanted to see birds, there were plenty of starlings on hand. I went out again and found that she was quite right. These are just some of them.

We had fish and tarte tatin with custard for our evening meal and settled in for the night, hoping for better weather tomorrow. A hope that is not going to be fulfilled judging by the weather forecast.

The flying bird of the day is one of the starlings.

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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

26 thoughts on “A fairly dull day

  1. Your tarte tatin looks most inviting. I keep intending to make one myself,maybe that will jog my memory.
    The eyebright is a flower I haven’t seen before,its a lovely plant.
    Hopefully some of those fallen trees might be cleared before the winter rains.

    1. There are many more fallen trees than there are people to clear them. It might be quite ‘interesting’ if we get a big autumn or winter flood.

  2. Love all those wonderful flowers in the front bed. By the way, I’ve solved the problem over the missing ‘like’ button when I look at your blog posts from my new tablet. A few weeks ago, WordPress persuaded me to download their app to it. I deleted the app a couple of days ago, and, hey presto, the like button is restored, as is the access to my own blog posts from yours.

    1. The ways of WP are deeply mysterious. My WP editor changed form completely the other day and then changed back the next day. My comment problems have hopefully gone for the time being at least.

    2. My WordPress app is frozen and has been for weeks, so I’ve been using browsers to write and read blogs. I’ve been scared to delete the app for fear it will somehow delete my blog. I know that is silly. So it sounds like you just deleted the app with no problem?

      1. I just used the usual uninstall feature. I had only installed it a couple of weeks earlier when my new tablet invited me to do so. I didn’t even know there was a WP app before that. I had managed without it for seven years before that, and shall continue to do so!

      2. Thanks! I’d used the app for several years, going back and forth between it and a browser, because some of the app features worked a little faster…just since I started blogging on my iPad after my computer plotzed. Thanks for sharing your experience.


  3. The gate that you didn’t go through is very prettily situated.

    Sometimes you do have to cook the daylights out of pastry if the filling is quite moist. It’s a very pretty tart – you’ll just have to make another one 🙂

  4. The apple tart does look good. I used to make a lot of apple pies but I never have tried a tart.
    That’ a a great shot of the anemone and hoverfly.
    My favorite for today has to be the eyebright, because it’s a pretty flower that I’ve never seen.

  5. I enjoyed all the photos from your day. The gardens still look so beautiful in September! The hoverfly on the anemone is a beautiful specimen.

    We have a couple of sunflowers here that are just coming into bloom.

  6. A proper balance is always to be recommended; I like the middle lawn border picture – and the starlings – both the group and the flying bird, although I had half expected the flying bird to have been taken from the group picture.

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