A mystery knee

Today’s guest picture comes from a visit to The Newt by my Somerset correspondent Venetia. She found a fine display of Curcurbitae (gourds to you and me) dangling from a pergola.

We had another cool, dry day here, with quite a bit of sunshine until it started to rain in the early evening. It wasn’t much use to me as a day for an excursion though because I went to bed last night with an unexpected and unexplained sore knee, and rather annoyingly to say the least, I woke up with it feeling worse this morning. It was really painful, and limited my activities a lot. Usually, a few exercises can sort a sore knee, but this one persisted and caused quite a bit of muttered grumbling.

I found that although I couldn’t walk very easily, I could cycle as far as the corner shop and that excursion was the sum of the excitements of the morning. I noticed the sun shining through a dahlia went I went out.

It was a real waste of a day which I had earmarked for a long cycle ride.

I am a great believer in the possibility that almost all my joint pains probably come from my long standing bad back, so I resolved to to give the back a workout in the afternoon in the hope that It would help my knee.

Mrs Tootlepedal was in need of some compost, so I started off my exercises by sieving the last of the compost in Bin D of our composting system. There was enough left in the bin to fill her big red bucket with some over for the wheelbarrow too.

I took a break to look at an insect and some bumble bees . . .

. . . and then went back to look at the compost bins.

Bin D looked rather lonely with no compost in it, so I turned all the compost from Bin C into Bin D.

Then of course, Bin C looked lonely, so I looked at the compost in Bin B . . .

. . . and since it seemed to have rotted down quite well since its transfer from Bin A, I shifted it into Bin C.

A robin kept a close eye on proceedings . . .

. . . and popped into the compost every time that I stopped for a breather, which was frequently.

I found plenty of evidence that workers had been active in helping the material to compost . . .

. . . but luckily the robin didn’t catch one of them.

The compost from Bin B fitted very nicely into Bin C . . .

. . . and the astute reader will have guessed that Bin B now looked looked a little underused.

. . . but enough was enough, and Bin A will have to wait for another day until it is turned into Bin B.

The compost system has worked very well this summer, helped by the dry weather no doubt. We have taken trouble to get a good mix of green and woody material into the compost, and there are a surprising number of cardboard boxes in there too. They rot down very well.

After a break to admire the work that Mrs Tootlepedal was doing in moving plants about and organising the log store lean-to, I got out the hovermower and went over the no-mow square on the middle lawn . . .

. . . and then used it to give the front lawn a trim.

The front lawn is not in very good condition. The dry spell and the jackdaws were not kind to it this year, but considering that it was neither fed nor watered, it hasn’t done too badly.

During the day, I pottered about the garden looking at flowers in sunshine and shade from time to time . . .

. . .and I looked at clematis from both sides. I added a couple more shots . . .

. . . of them before I went in for a well earned cup of tea and a couple of slices of toast and home made bramble jelly.

Contrary to what some readers might imagine, my knee felt a lot better for the back workout. Honesty compels me to add that it is far from cured though. My back is a bit sore too but I have good exercises for that. All will be well tomorrow (I hope).

I saw a greenfinch and a goldfinch near the feeder when I looked.

I had one last look round outside before the rain came. I saw the collared dove back among the starlings on the wire.

I think that it is having an identity crisis.

The dim light was good for having another go at taking a nerine picture . . .

. . . and I couldn’t resist a final pot shot at the gentians.

A cheerful family Zoom meeting followed by the last of the slow cooked stew and some bramble and apple puree in custard rounded off a day that went much better than I had expected when I woke up. Our Epicure apples are delicious this year.

The flying bird of the day is a chaffinch.

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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

32 thoughts on “A mystery knee

  1. Your composting regime with the A to B to C sounds quite complicated..but then I was always hopeless at maths.
    It is excellent compost and well worth the effort.
    Nice to see the Gentians in full bloom again,they really are a superb plant.
    Hope the old back and knee feel better tomorrow,you never know.

  2. Those are cute shots of the robin. Our robins will hop along beside and behind you when you are tilling a garden and your robins are obviously just as intelligent.
    The gentians are simply amazing.
    I hope the knee and back feel better tomorrow.

  3. I hope both back and knee feel better soon! I have one knee that has to be used carefully. I was kicked in the side of the left knee by a horse back in 1977. I was in the wrong place at the wrong time. One horse that I thought was tied up close to the arena wall was not, backed up and kicked the horse I was leading through the gate, and got me instead.

    Still plenty of color and variety in your gardens. I like your stackable compost system. No wonder the flowers always look so well fed and happy. The worms look nice and fat, too. I am glad the robin was satisfied with a spider.

    1. I would like to have four stackable compost bions but two is a lot better than none as they make life much easier. I am sorry to hear about your horse accident. That was bad luck.

  4. I don’t understand. Why do you mow your no-mow square? I only do mine once or twice a year. Or is this another example of the Tootlepedal humour that I’m not getting?

  5. Lovely robin pictures today! One of my knees inexplicably ‘gave in’ on Saturday. Fortunately it ‘righted’ itself after three days and I no longer hobble. I hope your knee sorts itself out too for it is a most debilitating injury.

  6. Loved the robin keeping an eye on your composting activities and his catch. So sorry about your knee and back curtailing your planned cycle ride. Hope tomorrow brings better things.

  7. You did a grand job with bins A to D under the supervision of the robin.
    Sorry about the knee pain. I hope it abates soon.

  8. Fine photographs, especially of nerines, robin, and bees. Good work on the compost bins. I don’t want to be a killjoy but if that soreness is an acute persistent pain please have it checked. I was a believer in walking through the pain.

  9. Well done for all the composting work. It certainly looks fine compost and think of all the award bonus points you are notching up from the Head Gardener! The nerine photo is simply delightful and the violet /blue gentians trumpet their own beauty!

    1. The rough treatment worked well and my knee is fully operational again. Sometimes rest is recommended but more often exercise does the trick in my experience

  10. Wow, those gentians! I know how it goes with unexpected frustrating knee pain. I’m catching up and it’s great to get a detailed compost report, beautiful stuff!

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