The weather gods have a laugh

Today’s guest picture reminds me that I shouldn’t complain about our weather too much. Blog reader Terena sent me this picture of current conditions in southern Saskatchewan.

There was no sign of snow here but there was plenty of rain about. The forecast was for sunshine and showers and we hoped to find a gap in the rain to take our visitors, Mrs Tootlepedal’s cousin Sally and her husband Richard, up to the top of Whita Hill where we could enjoy the view from the foot of the monument. The plan was to follow this hill walk with another short walk beside the Tarras Water at the bottom of the valley.

The gap in the weather came after coffee . . .

. . . and we drove up to the White Yett, only to be greeted by another shower. We waited in the car while it drifted past us in the brisk wind . . .

. . . and then we got out, admired the MacDiarmid memorial . . .

. . . tried in vain to read the poem inscribed in very small writing on a stained metal plate set into a cairn nearby . . .

. . . and set off to walk up the track to the monument into the wind . . .

. . . checking on the track-side fungi as we went.

It wasn’t long before any thoughts of the forecast sunny interval was overtaken by the arrival of yet another shower. By the time that we were half way up, the shower had turned into heavy rain and the wind had strengthened. A vote was taken and Sally decided that as we had gone so far, we should go the whole way.

By the time that we were at the top, we were facing driving rain and we were hanging onto the railings round the monument to avoid being blown off our feet. Walking back, with the rain and wind behind us was a bit better, but it was quite annoying when the rain stopped just before we got back to the car.

Any further walking was out of the question, and a complete change of clothes from head to toe was required when we got home. However, we did all feel quite adventurous after braving the wild conditions on the top of the hill. I made a pot of warming lentil soup for lunch which we ate with bread and cheese.

After lunch, I had a look at the birds . . .

. . . and apart from the collared dove on the ground, found only sparrows to look at.

The sunny intervals were conspicuous by their absence, so we decided to go for a drive in the afternoon to see the Tarras Valley Nature Reserve. As the seats in our car were still soaking from where wet walkers had sat on them in the morning, Richard and Sally kindly took us in their car.

We drove across the moor as far as the county boundary, pausing to admire the views (and let me take a couple of pictures of one of the foaming burns) on the way.

We could see as far as the Solway Firth from the county boundary . . .

. . . but the weather could not be described as promising, so we drove on down to Newcastleton. As we approached the village, a hare crossed the road in front of us and then lurked in the long grass as we passed. Richard slowed to give me a photo opportunity. I could only see an ear of the hare here so he moved a yard or two further . . .

. . . and the hare and I saw eye to eye.

We drove peacefully down to Canonbie and then quietly back up to Langholm. Because we were in the car, it didn’t rain at all while we were out and I was able to take a quick tour round the garden when we got back.

Richard and Sally had kindly offered to take us out for a meal in the evening, and we agreed to walk up to the Eskdale Hotel. Needless to say, it was raining so hard when the time came to leave the house that we had to get driven up by Richard.

We had an excellent meal, enlivened with good conversation, and the weather gods relented and stopped the rain for our return journey.

In spite of the unhelpful weather, we have had a very good day. We hope that we have been good hosts, because Richard and Sally have been perfect guests.

The flying birds of the day are two sparrows.

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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

28 thoughts on “The weather gods have a laugh

  1. What a beautiful day you had with your friends. Yes, Canada and WY both had snow in the higher elevations we hit 60 today I hope by the time the system hits us on Halloween it will be rain.

  2. I watched that system bypass us, Terena, and was very thankful it wasn’t out turn!

    The photo of the three walkers plodding up the hill could be entitled “determination” – well done all of you for carrying on through the rain. Lovely shot of the hare.

    1. Yes, MJ. But they make us tough on the Prairies, eh? (I say, Irish immigrant here!). I do enjoy sending these pics back home to horrify them a bit 😉

  3. A great show of grit and determination. I like to imagine a voiceover (preferably Attenborough’s) when having to carry out the chores in those kind of conditions…helps keep me moving 😂

  4. It’s quite typical that when one has visitors the weather want to show who’s boss! Pleased you managed to get out and about and show your visitors your high spots. They can always look at your back posts and see what wonderful views there can be from Whita Hill in the sunshine! Brilliant photo of the hare.

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