Child’s play

The chief business of the day was visit to the Barbican Centre with Evie, her parents, and her other grandmother to see a performance of My Neighbour Totoro. It was a great delight and even if you haven’t got a handy child about you, if you get the opportunity to see it, I would suggest that you should go.

We passed a well known building on our way . . .

. . . crossed the river . . .

. . . and got a hard stare from a carving at Holborn Viaduct.

Published by tootlepedal

Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

10 thoughts on “Child’s play

  1. I’m envious of your theatre visit. I had read a review of the play, and have hoped that, as it’s by the Royal Shakespeare Company, it night be livestreamed some time. Or am I getting muddled with the National Theatre? Anyway, I can but hope.

  2. Can’t help thinking that the staring head seems to have swallowed a small man, and left his trousered legs sticking out. That building is familiar, didn’t it once adorn the label of HP Sauce?

    Hope you are enjoying yourselves.

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