Doing the Lambeth Walk and the play’s the thing

It was a chilly but sunny day today, so after a tasty brunch in a nearby cafe with Annie, Mrs Tootlepedal and I took a stroll through Lambeth and down to the river.

Our route took us through some quiet and leafy back streets, as well as through two little parks, the second of which is all that remains of the famous Vauxhall pleasure gardens.

When we got to the river, we walked along the south bank as far as the London Eye. Then we took a brief boat trip down to Tower Bridge and back.

On our walk along the river, we noticed a couple of details. One was a snarling beast and the other was a bust of Violette Szabo, a distant relative of Mrs Tootlepedal.

It was such a nice day that when we had finished our boat trip, we walked back home again. The old printworks building which houses the cafe where we had had our brunch was glowing in the afternoon sunshine

In the evening we took the tube to Green Park and walked along Piccadilly to attend a performance of Upstart Crow at the theatre. The play is based on the TV programme of the same name. It was an early birthday treat for Mrs Tootlepedal who loves the TV series, and we both enjoyed the play a lot.

It was my birthday today and I considered that I had had a very happy birthday. Mrs Tootlepedal’s birthday is this weekend. We shall be home then.

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22 thoughts on “Doing the Lambeth Walk and the play’s the thing

  1. Happy Birthday to both of you – you are fine examples of how to lead a healthy and fulfilling life. I enjoyed the variety of photographs you have shown us today, including the contrasting clocks!

  2. Happy belated birthday! I also looked up Violette Szabo. I agree with Musiewild, Mrs Tootlepedal must be very proud to be related, however distantly, to Violette Szabo.

  3. Happy Birthday Tom (and Lady Tootlepedal) from Mark, Leila and Sir Henry!!
    And thanks for stirring up some more London memories from 40+ years ago…

  4. A splendid record of your birthday outings, and I echo the previous comments about the Violette Szabo link to Mrs Tootlepedal.

  5. First of all my happy birthday wishes to you Tom and also for the up comming birhtday of Mrs Tootlepedal.
    You had a beautiful hike and boat ride through the city of Londen. We enjoyed the different aspects of the city.
    I’m sure that this trip was a nice birthday present to both of you.

  6. Happy birthday to you…Your walks around London brought back many happy memories for me so thank you for the great photos & I hope you have a good trip home.

  7. Weather wise a fine day, but in view of the ruling of the Supreme Court it seems to have been a bad day for Scotland.

  8. Such a wonderful way to spend birthday treats! Lovely to be able to see the sights of London without having the usual sore feet that I get with any city walks! A grand and enjoyable holiday. Happy Birthday to both of you and safe journey home.

  9. I haven’t been to ‘that’ London since visiting the Chelsea flower show some 30yrs ago.
    Thanks to your wonderful photos of the most popular sights I won’t need to go again either.
    Your shots were superb,thanks.

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