Inflated expectations

Today’s guest picture comes from Mrs Tootlepedal. She cycled up to the tree nursery today and took a picture just to show that she had got there. The seedlings are in winter mode now.

We had a much better day of weather here today, with no clouds sitting on the town. It didn’t go so far as to be sunny, but conditions were good as I drove down to Longtown after breakfast with my electric bike folded up in the back of the car. I was taking the bike to the bike shop to get them to mend the puncture in the back tyre and give me a new inner tube if necessary.

While the mechanic was working, I took a walk along the river and down to the ponds. There is a bit more colour left in Longtown than we have in Langholm . . .

. . . and I was pleased to see Longtown’s answer to Mr Grumpy.

The ponds that I was heading for are remnants of old gravel works as far as I know. They are very peaceful now . . .

. . . and they are home to quite a few birds. I watched a swan, hoping that it would pose for a picture but it kept its head well down for a long time . . .

. . . until it finally relented.

I walked past this fine gorse bush . . .

. . . and down to the river in the hope of seeing some interesting birds. There were none to be seen though except a few mallards too far away for a photo.

I continued round the ponds . . .

. . . while most water birds flew away before I could get a good view of them. More swans and a lone duck were more co-operative, though they were quite far away.

Across the fields, I could see Arthuret Church looking much like a castle on the top of its mound.

I got back to the bike shop to find my bike ready to go. The mechanic had taken an enormous thorn out of the tyre and as there are still a lot of thorns about as hedges continue to be cut, he filled the new tube with slime for additional protection in the case of another puncture. As changing the tyre is beyond me, I will get a Tannus reinforced insert put into both tyres when the bike shop gets some in early next year.

I drove home and had lunch with Mrs Tootlepedal. Then we both went out on our electric bikes but in different directions. She rode up to the tree nursery at Cronksbank, and I took my repaired tyre round the Canonbie circuit to see how it felt with slime in it. I wouldn’t have noticed if I hadn’t been told that it was there.

It still wasn’t very warm (about 7°C), but the very light wind and better visibility made it a good day for a cycle outing. Cows were clearly visible behind hedges . . .

. . . and trees were not hidden by the mist . . .

. . . and I could see the monument on Whita Hill from seven miles away.

I stopped at the pond at Tarcoon . . .

. . . in the hope of seeing the mallards there, but they were feeling shy and hid behind the reeds . . .

. . . so I photographed the reeds instead.

From the top of the hill above the pond, I could look over the Solway to the English hills on the far side. This is the first time that we have been able to see further than a few hundred yards for several days.

The Wauchope valley was clear of mist when I got to it . . .

. . . but the light was fading so I stopped to put my bike lights on.

It was dark enough when I got home a for a flash to be needed to record two plucky roses soldiering on in the garden.

Mrs Tootlepedal was still not back so after a while, I stepped out to see if I could meet her coming home.

I was glad that I did so because it let me enjoy a lovely sunset . . .

. . . and I met her a little way down the road. She had done a bit of shopping and had had a meeting in the Langholm Initiative on her way home which accounted for her late arrival.

She made one of her delicious fish pies for our evening meal and we ate it after Zooming with my brother and sisters.

The flying bird of the day is a sparrow. (I refilled the feeder after I took the photograph.)

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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

31 thoughts on “Inflated expectations

  1. Whatever the weather forecasters may have been saying about brighter weather in the south, here we have had fog and low cloud for two days. At 10.00 when I set off on my monthly walk with my friend Zoe it was 0.0 degrees, and when we emerged from the pub after lunch it was 4.5 degrees.So the southwest was not so balmy today!

  2. I enjoyed your selection of photos, especially that fiery orange sunset. I hope you are able to avoid tire punctures from thorns in the future. I am trying to envision what kind of slime they put in your tires. It must form and dry to a thick flexible coating all around inside.

    A brief snow squall after dark was there this morning, which was below freezing. A little bit of sun melted things today. I put out extra birdseed this evening.

  3. Knowing hawthorn thorns as I di I’m not all surprised that one could deflate a bike tire. Or even a car tire. Honey locust thorns are even worse but I don’t know if you have those there.
    I like the woven looking sky over the Solway.
    I saw a colorful sunset here this evening but nothing like yours. That was beautiful.

    1. It didn’t last for long but it was very welcome while it was there.

      The thorns are a great problem. As you say, hawthorns are very prickly indeed.

  4. The sunset must have been wonderful if your photo is anything to go by! It also must have been good to see further than the end of your nose today; I like the bare, wind-sculpted tree very much.

  5. So your bike is fixed and ready for a lot of new miles. I hope the slime does its job in the future. I have no experience with it. One I tried to repair my tire with some kind of foam but it did’nt work at all. So I still do it the classis way wit the rubber stickers.

    1. My fingers have got so old and arthritic that getting tyres off rims is too much for me so I am happy to try solutions that don’t require patches.

      1. By the way, your posts have stopped appearing in my reader so I will have to try to do something about that. I have missed a lot of them.

      2. I saw that you started following again, hope that everything works again. No idea what happened…. but it overcame some others too some while ago.

  6. Lovely pictures of the clear views after all that mist. Glad puncture repaired. Excellent photograph of the tree nursery from Mrs T.

  7. Re to the obstruction on your track up to the Kernigal wood (2 days ago) I want to say that the tree trunk across the path may hinder bikers to molest the wanderers on this special beautiful path. Also rotting trunks are a plus to nature. They give home and birthplaces to lots of useful insects.also they are the place for moss, lichen and funghi and they finally become the soil they grew from many years ago.

  8. Now for todays post. Again a beautiful collection. Ispecially like the highland cow. And of course the beautiful sunset.Seems your roses are clinging on in spite of the cold.

  9. The swans are lovely and the highland cow also gets a vote from me. How fortunate you are to have and be able to capture such a glorious sunset.

  10. Sunset, twisty roads, reflections, hills, swans and a cow…great photos. Good job getting your tyre mended and ending the day with a delicious meal cooked for you…a perfect post and day!

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