A change in the weather

Today’s guest picture comes from my sister Mary. At a loose end on a grey afternoon, she went down to the river today and was struck by the sight of the railway bridge into Canon Street Station as the light faded

The change in temperature from the -10°C which welcomed us on several mornings last week to twenty degrees warmer at +11°C today was quite remarkable. It wasn’t quite as welcome as it might have been though, as it turned out to be a very grey, sometimes wet and often windy day. Ironically, it was a less attractive day for leaving the house than any of the recent very cold days.

Fortunately, Sandy was made of sterner stuff than me and came down to join me for a cup of coffee in the morning. He very kindly took away three weeks of the backlog of the newspaper index which I should have been putting into the Archive Group database. I have put some weeks in lately, and I did a bit more today, but I haven’t been nearly as hard working as I ought to have been. As we are still waiting for a suitable lens for our new microfiche reader to arrive, at least the data miners are not currently piling up more work for us.

After he left, I peered through the gloom to see if I could find any birds on the bird feeder. The light really was very poor but I managed to make out a chaffinch picking up fallen seed on the drive outside the window . . .

. . . and I found a moment when four different birds, a greenfinch, a siskin, a sparrow, and a chaffinch came together on the feeder up above

A siskin demonstrated why there is so much seed lying on the ground beneath the feeder.

Perhaps because of their very small size, they just can’t cope with the sunflower kernels. They are always very messy eaters.

The feeder was quite busy. . .

. . . but I didn’t take a lot of photographs as the light remained very poor

Instead, I made another small gingerbread cake, and then after lunch, I went shopping at the Co-op in the car. I thought it was probably a good idea for the car to have the opportunity to stretch its legs after sitting silently under a blanket of frost for a week.

While I was at the Co-op, some raspberries secretly insinuated their way into my shopping basket, and there was nothing for it when I got home but to convert them into three pots of raspberry jam.

There is nothing like some freshly made raspberry jam on home baked bread to cheer up a dark winter’s day. I (or my bread machine) had made a loaf of wheat, spelt and rye bread earlier in the day.

We are getting very near to the shortest day of the year, so it is probably quite appropriate to have a very short post today to mark the late mornings and the early evening. The temperature is already heading downwards again, but it should stay well above freezing tomorrow, and we may even see some sun. I have reckless thoughts of cycling swirling round my head.

The flying bird of the day is a greenfinch.

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29 thoughts on “A change in the weather

  1. Your raspberry jam looks scrumptious and on home made bread ,what could be better.
    No thoughts of cycling for me for some weeks..I slipped backwards on a patch of ice onto my back last Sunday and have apparently fractured two ribs in my back..it’s the worst fall and pain I’ve ever known.
    I do actually have some crampons but rather foolishly thought I’d be okay with just a walking pole.I walked my usual 3 miles over our local moor,and fell about 20 yards from home on when in my comfort zone.
    I could have landed on my head so could have been worse I suppose .

    1. I am really sorry to hear about your accident. It is just a sort of thing that is that is so easy to happen and so hard to foresee. The worst thing about fracturing your ribs is that it makes it very painful to laugh so it’s hard to see the funny side. I hope that you heal up as quickly as possible and you will be ready to cycle as soon as the better weather comes.

  2. I’m glad to hear that Sandy can still get around.
    I always keep a jar of raspberry jam on hand now because I always get the urge for it when you show yours.
    They say we’ll see 50 degrees F. and rain Friday so we’re all over the place so far this season. I’m glad you had some warmer weather too.

  3. The raspberries in Scotland seem to be unnaturally unruly, judging by the number that just happen to fall into your grocery basket.

    I like Mary’s photo (and yes, it would make an excellent jigsaw!).

  4. I am glad to know the birds continue to provide some colour in your world – brightened up enormously by the raspberry jam!

  5. The raspberries jam looks delicious. I’m fond of raspberries and always try to find them when I’m outside.
    Unfortunately, here whe have more blackberries that raspberries, however…. I like the the first too !

    1. These were foreign raspberries from Morocco. It is probably not environmentally friendly to import soft fruit in the middle of winter but I wanted to pay homage to the fine football played by Morocco in the World Cup.

  6. I’m glad your car was functioning after that very cold weather.
    What could be better than your home -made bread and raspberry jam – though I am rather partial to bramble jelly myself.

  7. Raspberry jam on homemade bread- perfect! Birds have really long nails they must hurt one another when they fight! They are large sunflower seeds!

  8. The thought of raspberry jam on fresh baked bread brought a smile. I can taste it! With a good cup of tea, that could brighten any gloomy day!

    It was good to see the birds having a good feed. Our feathered visitors were busy doing the same here today, too.

    1. We are not getting the big flocks of winter birds that we used to get but it is pleasing to know that we are helping some birds through the winter.

  9. I’m sure your bird feeder must be life saver for some birds during the cold winters. Enjoy your raspberry jam, I’ve never mastered the art of making jam at the right thickness.

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