A ray of sunshine

Today’s guest picture is another from my Somerset correspondent Venetia’s trip to Norway. She sent me this ‘postcard’ from the most northerly town in mainland Europe.

We had a better day here than yesterday as far as the weather went. Dropscone was complaining about the cold wind when he cycled round for scones and coffee this morning but it stayed dry and Mrs Tootlepedal was able to cycle up to the High Street to do some shopping after coffee. Dropscone had enjoyed a family Christmas at his younger daughter’s house, as parts of his house are still drying out after his frozen pipe incident.

When Mrs Tootlepedal and Dropscone had both departed, I watched the birds. Surprisingly, the sun came out and a flock of gulls flew over the garden . . .

. . . while down below two collared doves made use of our electricity supply to do some basking.

Both the sun and I soon went in, and after a while I looked out at the bird feeder. We had a mixed bag of visitors again today . . .

. . . with a small gang of greenfinches among them.

Mrs Tootlepedal was very busy making preparations for the arrival of our visitors later in the day but there was time after lunch for me to combine some necessary shopping with a short walk. I went down to the Co-op by way of the Stubholm and Skippers Bridge.

I was pleased to see that the horses had made an effort to add some Christmas cheer to their stables at the Stubholm.

There is continual ‘tidying up’ still being done in the woods around the town.

I looked forward to spring as I walked along the Murtholm . . .

. . . but I didn’t need the sight of both holly and ivy . . .

. . . to remind me that it was still winter. I was very glad to have a warm coat on.

Over coffee in the morning, Dropscone had remarked that the rivers were quite full, and I could see that this was true when I got to Skipper’s Bridge.

Quite a bit of water had gone under the bridge by the time by the time that I had crossed it and looked back from further up the road.

I looked at the fence beside the path at Land’s End and saw that my favourite lichen had survived the recent low temperatures. It doesn’t look that impressive at first sight . . .

. . . but a closer look is well worthwhile.

There was some good fungus nearby too.

I concentrated on remembering what to buy on my shopping trip after that, and the light was fading as I crossed the suspension bridge with my shopping bag in my hand

Our visitors arrived in due course and our granddaughter Matilda burst into the house like a very welcome ray of sunshine on a gloomy evening. She had brought her parents, our son Alistair and his wife Clare with her, and we sat down to a cheerful evening meal once everyone had settled in.

Matilda and I even found time for a little recorder playing which made me very happy.

They are staying for a few days so we will be well entertained.

The flying bird of the day is a high flying dove.

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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

14 thoughts on “A ray of sunshine

  1. It is season for high water, hydrating fungus, the coming year’s buds and warm jackets. The birds look like enjoyed their seed and along with a little sunshine. I am sorry to hear Dropscone had frozen pipes.

    We have holly growing in our little wooded section, too, a little bit of green amid the browns and greys of winter wood.

    Enjoy the time with Matilda and family. Time with family and friends is precious.

    1. It is has been strictly rationed over these past years and we have not seen the end of those problems yet so every visit is it is extremely welcome.

  2. I suspect that over the next few days you will be both enthralled and exhausted! But as my Dad used to say, “it’s a good tired”.

  3. Lovely post. So glad you and Matilda are finding time to make music.
    The lichens and fungus are intrepid indeed. And a very fine flying bird of the day.
    And you will have a wonderful visit – the best way to start the New Year. Spring can’t be that far off.

  4. Wonderful photos, as always! Norway always seems to lend itself to great photography. I’d love to visit there some day.

    Wishing you all the best for 2023!

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