Boxing clever

Today’s guest picture comes from my brother Andrew. He spotted some grasses being tossed this way and that by a brisk breeze while he was on his walk this afternoon.

After a very rainy night, we had a rainy day here until well into the afternoon. As a result we had time on our hands to watch the birds . . .

. . . and explore what we might find indoors. I found a mysterious parcel in the front room. What could be inside?


Oh no!!!

Phew. It’s alright. It was just a special present.

Matilda is a very supple young lady.

It was such a gloomy day that the birds were best caught when they were posing rather than in action.

This was my favourite today.

We used the soup maker to prepare a vegetable soup for lunch and it did a good job. All the soup disappeared in quick time.

After lunch, the rain eased off and there were thoughts of a walk. Once again I combined my walk with a visit to the shop to buy essential supplies for our evening meal, while our visitors took a more gentle stroll round the town. We were all very impressed by the amount of water in the rivers.

I used my pocket camera to take a general view of the birds waiting for a go at the feeder before I left . . .

. . . and then saw some fine peltigera lichen on a wall shortly after I had started out.

I passed a couple of horses well dressed for the damp weather . . .

. . . but mostly I looked and listened to the large amount of water running about on all sides.

It was windy but it wasn’t very cold and I had a good coat on, so I enjoyed my walk. I took a diversion round Gaskell’s walk before going along the Murtholm to Skippers Bridge and back by the Co-op to do my shopping.

I want to keep this post short so I will put up a selection of pictures from the walk without further comment. Although it got a little brighter as I walked along , it was still a dark day, and they are mostly wet images as you will see.

I looked up the river as I crossed the suspension bridge. It was lucky that it had stopped raining

Alistair prepared a delicious evening meal for us with food to suit everyone’s taste.

Looking at the news later in the evening, it appeared that we had got off lightly. There was serious flooding to the north and west of us and there was a dramatic picture of a car almost underwater on the motorway which we had driven down to get home a couple of days ago.

The forecast has got quite a lot of rain in it for the next two days, so I don’t expect that we will be going on many jolly family walks in the hills.

The flying bird of a day is a sparrow

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28 thoughts on “Boxing clever

  1. The water looks very high! I am glad you are all safe and sound, and having a nice visit. I like the special package you received. 🙂

    We are having quite the rainy day here. It was a good day to get some reading and small inside tasks done after making a quick trip to town for supplies. It is always good to avoid the holiday grocery store rush, when possible. The feed store was out of large sacks of seed. The owner said the mill was completely out of seed. I bought a smaller bag which should tide me over for a little while.

    1. My last bag of seed came from China! That is not very environmentally friendly but I don’t know where my seeds are going to come from before the shop delivers them to me.

  2. It’s always a bonus when visitors do the cooking and entertaining!

    I like all the closeup shots of the birds, and am surprised that so many would be patient enough to wait for a turn at the feeder instead of dive-bombing at the competition.

    1. On some days the feeder does become a bit of a whirl of impatience, but generally there are birds waiting quite patiently in the wings. Yes, we are getting well fed at the moment.

  3. Your catchment area must have received a LOT of rain for the rivers to be so swollen. What a relief you all got home before the flooding began. Pictures such as the one you mention often lead to ‘what if’ discussions. I like your special delivery!

  4. I like your surprise package. Matilda certainly is very limber. I’ve been reading about the flooding in Scotland and it does look like you’ve had quite a bit of rain there. Stay safe.

  5. A very bendy grand daughter indeed! Your area was on the news so pleased to read that all is well with your nearby rivers! I like your favourite bird portrait too…a very charming, contemplative chaffinch!

  6. Your birds are simply the best subjects. They feel your admiration through the camera lens and bask in it while posing for you. Then there’s that mystery box inhabitant… 🙂
    I hope you continue to be spared of flooding with all the precipitation. Have a wonderful New Year’s Eve and beyond. Sending virtual hugs.

    1. The birds are very obliging and although they often fly off when iI come to the window, they usually come back quite soon. We have been lucky with the rain so far.

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