Home alone

Today’s guest picture comes from our son Tony in East Wemyss. He was on holiday yesterday and was able to wait until the sun had come up before taking his dogs out for a walk in the woods.

After a very welcome sunny day here yesterday, there was no chance of seeing the sun at all today as we went back to familiar grey and wet conditions.

In between breakfast and playing some recorder music with Matilda, I filled the feeder and from time to time during the morning, I looked out of the window to see if there were more birds about today in the rain than there had been yesterday in the cold and sunny conditions.

There were plenty of birds about.

Of course, the light was so poor that it was very hard to take pictures of them unless they were sitting still.

However, the bad light did not stop the birds tucking in . . .

. . . and by the time that we had finished our lunch, the birds had polished off the seed

When I went out to refill the feeder, I was serenaded by a very mournful crow sitting on top of the walnut tree.

Sparrows and a siskin were very pleased to find that the feeder was back in action.

We had lunch with our visitors and then played a farewell game of Oh Hell before they packed themselves into their little car and set off back to Edinburgh in very gloomy conditions indeed.

I am happy to report that in spite of dire warnings of very heavy rain, they got to Edinburgh safely. It has been lovely having Alistair, Clare and Matilda staying with us over the new year, and we hope to see them again before too long.

Since I had put my coat and wellies on to see our visitors off, I picked up an umbrella and went for a walk while I was out. It was not a day for lovely views like those I had seen yesterday . . .

. . . and and to be honest, it was not a day for views at all really . . .

. . . so I settled for a short three bridges outing. I crossed the town bridge and walked on to the Kilngreen where the ducks favoured the edge of the water and the gulls preferred the grassy bank.

At the far end, just before the Sawmill Brig, the ducks had taken to the bank and found a friend.

Once across the Sawmill Brig, I admired the big tree on the Castleholm that always looks as though it has leaves on it.

This unseasonable effect is created by the large amount of lichen which festoons every branch and twig.

The puddles on my walk had changed from yesterday’s ice art to water patterns and plops today.

The third bridge of my three bridges walk was the Duchess Bridge . . .

. . . and I noticed some hart’s tongue fern before I crossed it . . .

. . . and some very soggy fungus beside the path on the far side.

In spite of the persistent rain, I met three other acquaintances while I was out, and we stopped to exchange New Year’s greetings and have a little chat, so although my walk wasn’t very rewarding from a photographic point of view, it was nonetheless very enjoyable.

After all the excitement of visiting and being visited over the past eleven days, Mrs Tootlepedal and I settled down for a quiet evening at home all by ourselves.

The flying bird of the day is a sparrow looming above a tiny female siskin.

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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

29 thoughts on “Home alone

  1. It may have been damp, but it looked like a lovely walk to me – especially the Duchess Bridge. 💓. That is a very little car. Are most vehicles over there on the smaller side? In Saskatchewan, there are so many large trucks and 4×4 vehicles that driving a smaller car is pretty nerve wracking.

  2. Many lovely images, but among my favourites are the crow in profile, the tree on the Castleholm, and Mr. Grumpy standing upright (yay!). Although dreary for a walker, the misty background does make for beautiful photos.

    Your home will seem quite empty after so many welcome visitors – but hopefully you’ll see them again soon.

  3. I’ve been a bit under the weather for the past couple of weeks and haven’t been out walking so your blog was even more welcome than usual. I’m glad you had such a good time with the family. You took many excellent photos while they were there.
    Mr. Grumpy looks healthy but bored with the weather.
    It was nice to see the Hart’s tongue fern. It’s one I haven’t seen.

  4. Time with family is precious, and I am glad you had this time with Matilda and her parents.

    That is a beautiful morning sunlit wood in East Wemyss, and I also enjoyed your selection of misty, rainy day photos from your walk. Scotland looks beautiful in any kind of weather.

    That is quite a size differential between the sparrow and the little siskin.

  5. Your gloomy views are much better than ours. But we finally got a completely rainy day so I can now relate somewhat to your dampness. I love the Duchess Bridge.
    I will make it my New Year’s resolution to read more of your posts. I have to go back and get caught up with your last few days.

  6. I liked the Duchess Bridge, and it must look lovely in summer and autumn. Our weather is about as dreary as yours today, storms and rain. We too, have said goodbye to our daughter, son-in-law and two lovely grandchildren as they leave for Melbourne, so everything is very quiet.
    Best wishes for cheerful weather tomorrow.

  7. The bleak weather must match your feelings after your family left…but on the bright side you’ll see them all again in the not too distant future and the nights are getting lighter and spring is not too far away!! Love the photos of the countryside shrouded in mist and dear Mr Grumpy doing what he does best!

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