Back in Langholm

We have a first in the matter of guest pictures today. Not only are there four but they were all taken by Mrs Tootlepedal herself during my absence in London. She got quite excited by the possibility of a sparrowhawk perching on the top of the walnut tree . . .

. . . but calmed down when it turned out to be just a pigeon.

Closer to hand, she spotted a blackbird . . .

. . . and a dunnock.

I was still in London this morning, staying with my sister Mary and visiting my sister Susan and meeting some of the team who are helping to look after her.

I had a fleeting meeting after lunch with my brother Andrew outside Kentish Town station as he arrived to stay with my sister Mary and support Susan while I left to catch the train to Carlisle from Euston.

They have installed some very colourful departure boards at Euston . . .

. . . which they mysteriously claim will reduce congestion on the concourse.

As there will be exactly the same number of passengers staring at the new boards as there was at the old boards, I don’t know how this will work. I did like the new boards though. They were very easy to read and my train left on time.

I paid a little extra money to sit on a more comfortable and roomy seat than the standard fare provides, and I had a very smooth journey, chatting away with the other three people at a table of four. They all got out before Carlisle and I was left with a colourful pillar on Preston station platform for company. I took an impressionistic view of it through a rather grubby train window.

Thanks to recent reductions in the number of buses running between Carlisle and Langholm, the last bus had left before I arrived on my train, so I was grateful that Mrs Tootlepedal was kind enough to drive through the cold dark night to collect me at the station. And she had some very tasty fish pie prepared to welcome me home.

No flying bird today, but I hope that there will be one tomorrow.

I am very grateful to the restraint of readers in the matter of comments on recent posts and I hope that it will continue for this post too. Clicks on the like button are much appreciated as gestures of support for the family at this troubling time.

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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

6 thoughts on “Back in Langholm

  1. We are re-watching all the old episodes of Upstart Crow, and were just laughing at a bit where Shakespeare talks about the problems of travelling up to Stratford….luckily you had a smooth journey!

    1. It was a miracle! The travel rants are Mrs T’s favourite parts of the programme. They portray our current public transport system pretty accurately.

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