A change of weather and a change of mind

Today’s guest picture comes from Mary Jo in Manitoba. She spotted a good example of a snow angel and liked the careful work involved.

We actually had a glimpse of blue sky here as we got up this morning. However, it soon disappeared and I got rained on when I cycled round to the corner shop (now a butcher’s) to buy meat and milk.

Margaret had arrived for coffee by the time that I got back and we caught up on all the latest news.

After she left, I had a walk round the garden and found a rhododendron damaged by frost among some cheering examples of the arrival of spring.

When I went back in and peered out at the birds, I was pleased to see that chaffinches had got a look in today, perhaps because there were very few goldfinches about.

Some blue sky reappeared over lunch and I went upstairs to get changed to go cycling. I took my bird camera up with me and looked down on the feeder from above.

I was almost at eye level with the pigeons perching on our power line and on the walnut tree..

Although I had gone up to get changed for cycling, by the time that I came downstairs again, I was dressed for walking. Faced with cycling into a chilly north wind at 7°C, my system rebelled and called for boots with warm socks . . . and well protected knees.

Mrs Tootlepedal was preparing for gardening when I set off to walk round Whita Hill. I started by walking along the river to Whitshiels, passing some old friends on the way . . .

. . . and admiring a wonderful little garden growing on the top of a concrete fence post beside the road.

Then I walked up the road to the White Yett and onto the Langholm Moor.

I took too many pictures on my walk so I have packed them into galleries for each section of the walk. The first one is ‘Going Uphill’.

As you can see, there was a bit of sunshine and some clouds as well. The second gallery is called ‘Across the Moor’. The road is in a poor state in some places.

At one point I looked behind and saw this . . .

. . . and not surprisingly, I soon got rained on. Fortunately, it was just a passing shower and it went ahead of me . . .

. . . and more blue sky rolled up behind it.

The next gallery is entitled “Past Cronksbank and up to the Bird Hide’. It includes a visit to the tree nursery at Cronksbank which is looking healthy.

I usually pause for a while at the bird hide, but I didn’t want to be caught in another shower, so I pressed on while the sun was out. This gallery is entitled, ‘From the Bird Hide through Longwood’.

This took me down to Skippers Bridge and I walked home along the Murtholm side of the river. There were a lot of hazel flowers but not enough light to get a good picture. The sun was sinking as I went along. It had sunk by the time that I had got to Caroline Street

I had hoped to see some goats on my way, as there have been a lot of sightings recently, but there were none to be seen. However, this was the only disappointment of my walk, and I thoroughly enjoyed every one of the ten miles. All the same, I was pretty happy to get a sit down and a cup of tea when I had finished after just over three hours of walking and 1000ft of ascent.

Mrs Tootlepedal had made a very good pot of slow cooked mince with onions, celery, parsnip, carrots and mushrooms (and a dash of red wine), and we ate it with potatoes, more parsnips and some broccoli for our evening meal. All in all, it was a very good day.

As darkness fell, I looked out of the window and saw a wonderful sight in the sky. My camera doesn’t do justice to the brilliance of the moon and the two planets.

The flying birds of the day are a line of homing pigeons out for their daily exercise.

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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

29 thoughts on “A change of weather and a change of mind

  1. For a moment I thought you’d had snow! Looks like a great walk, with plenty to see, even two planets. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that in the sky – motly lived in places with too much light.

  2. I enjoyed all this beautiful scenery, birds and flowers. That was a wonderful photo of the sheep having a look off into the distance, too. The fungal garden on the post looks like it is flourishing.

    It is 34 degrees here at this time and a snow squall that came through for about 30 minutes has stopped, for now. There is no accumulation except a little on the hill to the southeast of us. Last night brought 1/2″ of snow, but that melted quickly this morning. I am afraid there will be no snow angels here today.

    1. By the time we get towards the end of February, I am very happy not to see any snow at all here. We have had later snow but I am too old to enjoy it these days.

  3. I enjoyed the scenery and thank you for walking the ten miles to show us the landscape. Lovely photo of the moon and two planets and also the formation of the birds flying. I’m sure you would not get an Australia cockatoo to fly in formation like that.

  4. Wonderful photos today. My favourite: the sheep doing a Lion King impersonation, but it was a very difficult choice. Sad about the lack of goats but the. Moon and sunset made up for it.

  5. The 4th picture across the Moor used to house a Barn owl family and I had a great photo of Andrew Walton holding an owl chick in the palm of his hand. The Mother Owl was quietly reviewing the intruders in the sure knowledge that she knew Andrew was merely ringing and presented no harm to her and her family. Perhaps Andrew still rings owls at Cronkie. Happy days.

    1. It was a first for me. It is very unusual for me to be in the right place at the right time. 🙂 The light on the walk was very good as the conditions change. It made the more more interesting than usual for a winter outing.

  6. Sitting on my patio a couple nights ago, facing west, I saw that exact view of the moon and planets in my southeastern US location.

  7. A wonderfully long walk with all those different galleries marking the changing terrains. Great photo of the Jupiter, moon, Venus thing happening in sky…Neptunes around too …somewhere! Love the flying birds of the day. Reminds me of the three plaster bird plaques fixed to the wall going up the stairs when I was a child!!!

    1. I remember those birds. I think that they were ducks. I was very pleased to look out and see the moon and planets at just the right time for once.

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