Fleeting moments

Today’s guest picture comes from Dropscone. He had occasion to visit Talkin Tarn near Brampton last week while on an outing with his oldest son who was visiting him. They didn’t walk round the tarn though.

It was still snowing when we went to bed last night, so there was a moment of anticipation when we woke up to a sunny day. Would it be a winter wonderland? Almost, but not quite, as two views from upstairs windows show.

There was snow but not a blanket. There was some in the garden when I went out after breakfast but the sun was having an effect already.

Mrs Tootlepedal went off to a meeting at the Langholm Initiative, and after a pause for the crossword, I thought that I ought to go out and enjoy the sunshine. I put on my wellies and set off with no clear idea of where I was going. I found myself passing the Kilngreen and taking the road up to the White Yett.

It was pretty chilly in the shadow of the valley, but once I was out in the open, the sun warmed me up. I was far from the only person walking up the road today but although I saw many footprints and even a cyclist’s tyre track, I didn’t meet anyone.

As you can see, the snow cover was very variable, but in general the going was good and I was able to look around and enjoy the views as I got higher up the hill.

Having got to the top of the hill, the question now was how to get down again. Going straight down the steep face of the hill wearing wellies seemed a little foolhardy, going back the way that I came seemed a little dull, so the only alternative was to press on past the communication mast and head down the bike path and the timber track and come home by way of Longwood. This required a good deal of care as it it is still quite steep and slippery in places, so I kept my head down and concentrated on not falling over. I noticed as I came off the top of the hill, that Whita was on the very edge of the snow fall and to the west, the hills were green.

I took one picture on the way down the hill and waited until I got to the wood at the bottom to get my camera out again.

When I got home there was little sign of snow in the town and the hardy crocuses in the garden were smiling again.

After lunch, Mrs Tootlepedal went back to Longwood to look at more oak trees and I found time hanging heavily on my hands. What to do on a sunny afternoon when there are no birds in the garden? Go and look for some by the river.

Reliable oystercatchers were to be seen in their favourite spots, and the first wagtail that I have seen this year was perched on a rock in the middle of the river.

The pair of goosanders were to be seen too.

The Kingreen held delights.

There was not a scrap of snow to be seen on the Lodge walks but there were plenty of birds at the feeders there.

I wandered round the Castleholm, clicking away as I went.

. . . and finished up on the Kilngreen again. The gulls were flying low today and I liked the watery backgrounds.

I managed to catch a gull and an oystercatcher in the same shot (by accident naturally).

Mrs Tootlepedal got back from her tree hugging not long after I got back from my gull shooting, and we enjoyed a welcome cup of tea. After our regular sibling Zoom, Mrs Tootlepedal made potato latkes for our evening meal and we ate them with fried eggs and spinach, an excellent end to a day which had exceeded my expectations by quite a bit.

I apologise for the excessive number of photos in today’s post but what can you do on a day like today? I discarded as many as I used.

The flying bird of the day is one of the gulls.

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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

21 thoughts on “Fleeting moments

  1. We call that kind of snow “conversational snow.” We also have “nuisance snow” but yours didn’t look like that.
    Nice shot and closeup of the hazelnut catkins. Not easy to get because they move at the slightest hint of a breeze.
    I’m glad it wasn’t too slippery. Coming off hills in the snow can be treacherous at times.

  2. You were entitled to rejoice in that light after your string of gloomy days. It is interesting how much more difficult it is to descend than to ascend a slope

  3. Nice that you where able to enjoy the snow under a blue sky with a lot of sunshine. Snow always adds a bit of magic to the world πŸ™‚

  4. I enjoyed your photo selection from the day, from snowy views to birds and flowers. That is a very nice catkin closeup. New Hampshire is right, they do move at the slightest breeze, and on a sunny day, all those golden catkins shimmer against blue sky. It is quite beautiful.

    We had a furious snowstorm here in the morning which melted by noon. We had errands to run to the south of us that morning, and it was interesting to see where the snow quit in terms of elevation. Down on the valley floor, we could see the frost in in the Cascades behind us to the east, and the Coast Range to the west of us.

  5. Wonderful to see some ‘winter’ snow and some spring sunshine in one post! Many wonderful photos to enjoy of your day with all those fine views, wintry woods and birds of all shapes and colours. I enjoyed your day!

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