A quiet but enjoyable day

Today’s guest picture comes from our daughter Annie. She went to Dunster beach in Somerset yesterday. She tells me that if you look very hard across the beach, you might be able to see the sea and even Wales, but I think that she is being optimistic.

We had a very quiet day here as far as the weather went, warm and dry with a light wind, and we had a very quiet day as far as life went too, with morning church, coffee with our neighbour Margaret, and afternoon choir in Carlisle filling the day. We did manage a little gardening between coffee and lunch, with wild flower planting on the front lawn, general tidying up, and shredding some of the buddleia that we cut down yesterday.

The congregation in the church was larger than usual, the hymns were good to sing and when we got home, the coffee and conversation were satisfying. The garden is getting more full with flowers every day. Some are still potential like the lupins and peonies . . .

. . . and some are flourishing like Welsh poppies, azaleas and alliums.

Mrs Tootlepedal is considering a blue border for next year with ajuga, Veronica and cornflowers among others . . .

. . . and as our first iris has just come out, irises may be candidates too.

I like a our blue aquilegia but I don’t think Mrs Tootlepedal likes it as much as I do.

But then I like all aquilegias.

Welsh poppies are spreading over the whole garden and it is lucky that there are lots of Icelandic poppies too, because they go over very quickly and need dead heading after a day or two..

The nectaroscordums are developing slowly in a statuesque sort of way.

I was so pleased to see a bee on a geranium that I took its picture twice

There was steady activity on the bird feeder without any great excitement.

Goldfinches, greenfinches and sparrows were the main customers today.

The afternoon choir practice went very well, and we were able to run through the whole programme for our forthcoming concert in June. We were by no means perfect, but we we sang through the pieces without breaking down. My voice is still not back properly after a break of three weeks with no home study, so I will have to set to work to get it back in order.

Dropscone has had further misfortune. He rang up to tell me that he has had a bad reaction to something, probably the medicines that he is taking, and he is off to see the doctor again tomorrow. At least he is clear of Covid. He has been to A&E so often that they are thinking of giving him a season ticket. We are due to have a week of good weather and it will be nice if he is able to get out and enjoy it.

The flying bird of the day is a goldfinch.

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27 thoughts on “A quiet but enjoyable day

  1. Poor Dropscone! It’s just one thing after another. I love the idea of a blue border. (Because I live on the edge of the forest, my borders are pretty much green.) Anyway, looking forward to seeing the border.

      1. I definitely think so . . . but there is also the question of where to create the border. So many things to think about. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the update on the status of your garden flowers Tommy, they are realy doing well !
    We had a lovely warm and sunny weekend (the air show was a succes). Also for the coming week, nice weather is predicted 🙂 We can finaly enjoy the spring 🙂

    1. We are getting that good weather too. I am glad that the air show went well. I used to go to a local air show when I was a boy and always enjoyed it.

  3. I love Alliums, and Azaleas even more so! The colours of your azaleas are lovely. Unfortunately they don’t grow very well in Canberra, our summers are often too hot.
    The colouring of the Goldfinch is striking, and the flying goldfinch is a beauty!

  4. Is that bee in the first picture really mirroring the photographer? – A stunnung collection for the sunday. I like that blue aquilegia.

  5. Plants on both sides of the Atlantic seem to be matched this year as far as bloom times.
    I haven’t seen anything here like that beautiful orange poppy though.
    I’m glad Dropscone is over covid. That’s a big hurdle. Hopefully they’ll figure out which medicine is causing trouble so they can get back to his shoulder.

  6. So many lovely flowers in your garden; that orange poppy is a stunner, and the double (?) aquilegia is fascinating. We have some volunteer columbines of the red-and-yellow variety blooming now on our doorstep. Your bee photos made me smile; I saw the first bumblebee here a few days ago and was ridiculously excited.

    1. Generally I am finding more insects about as I cycle around this year . . .and have to keep my mouth shut as a consequence. Thank you for commenting.

  7. Lots of lovely bright flowers in your garden brightening up the day. Good to see the bee- hope to see plenty more as the month progresses. The iris is a favourite of mine- so reliable and pretty. Like the sleek, smart goldfinch ending your post.

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