Hovering about

Today’s guest picture comes from my Welsh correspondent Keiron. He has got an electric bike too, and sent me this idyllic picture from one of his recent rides.

We had another fine and warm day here today, but there was a brisk wind, so I was happy to let my bike have a day off while I spent some time in the garden enjoying the sunshine.

I did some useful tasks, starting with using the hover mower to trim a path along the dam at the back of the house. The idea is to leave as much natural growth as we can while making it possible to move about without falling into the water. I couldn’t help noticing that another oriental poppy had come out at the far end.

When I had finished, I had a walk round the garden, taking in a developing rosebud, good growth on the recently pruned buddleia, and a very pale aquilegia.

Then we had coffee.

After coffee, I turned my hand to composting, first sieving a barrow load of compost from Bin D and then turning almost all the compost from Bin B into Bin C which has been lying empty. This was fairly energetic work and it took me until lunch to complete the task. I didn’t take any compost pictures as too much excitement is not good for elderly readers.

After lunch, Mrs Tootlepedal sat down to watch the Giro, and I went out into the garden to see if I could photograph some of the young starlings responsible for a terrific amount of noise during the morning. There were young starlings on every tree and bush waiting to be fed . Harassed parents fetched them tempting morsels.

I got distracted by an astrantia, many alliums, and the first Rosa Moyesii of the year . . .

. . . but the noisy starlings soon reclaimed my attention.

I found an adult sitting beside a blackbird. Some parents went for creepy crawlies . . .

. . . while others mined for sunflower seeds.

I went back in and unwisely sat down to watch a few minutes of the cycling before doing something useful. Two hours later at the end of the stage, I managed to haul myself off the sofa and check on the bird feeder. A young starling was getting some seed carried to it.

Then I went to see what what was happening outside. Flowers were coming out. Lupins had started, more irises had appeared, and another flower had come out on the rose bush.

I went in to cook some beef olives for our evening meal, and while the potatoes were cooking, I nipped out and mowed the middle lawn.

The weather stayed fine and the wind had dropped, so I went out for a short three bridges walk after our meal. It was a perfect evening for a stroll.

As well as the peaceful sunlit views, I was pleased to see the red horse chestnut in flower, and the ivy leaved toadflax on the wall at the Scholars Field was doing very well.

The only bad thing about the day was a communication with the bike shop. My road bike has been there for weeks while having what should have been a quick and simple service. However, when I asked what was happening, the mechanic described the situation as ‘a can of worms’, and it turns out that new parts are needed, and these have been hard to get hold of. All being well, I should get my bike back next week. After 300 miles on my electric bike while the road bike has been at the bike shop, I just hope that I won’t have forgotten how to pedal under my own steam when I do get back on it again.

Dropscone continues to improve. I am taking him to hospital for a check on his shoulder tomorrow afternoon, so I will get a full update then.

The flying bird of the day is a passing pigeon.

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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

33 thoughts on “Hovering about

  1. I’m sorry about your ongoing bike woes. It’s a good thing you have an alternate, seeing as the shop seems to like holding on to one of your bikes!

    I looked up the recipe for beef olives – it looks very tasty, except for the version that uses haggis, which is something for which I cannot acquire a taste! Do you use it in your recipe?

    Good luck to Dropscone.

    1. We buy the beef olives ready made from the butcher and he stuffs them with sausage meat.

      It is lucky that I bought the e-bike, though I would still like to get my road bike back.

  2. I can’t get over the change from winter to spring in your part of the world. The greenery everywhere, and the flowers (especially the white aquilegia) and then the birds feeding their young, altogether a very busy and joyful time!

    1. We have gone from being rather cool for the time of year from Christmas onwards to being just right and the flowers and trees have enjoyed the change.

  3. Compost is good for the soul. Your elderly readers may actually benefit from viewing your bins. Inquiring minds and all that!
    We will also be trying beef olive in our home. Not sure why I haven’t heard of this before, I am looking forward to trying it.
    Just lovely photos of your spring flowers!

    1. The damside path doesn’t have any function as it doesn’t lead anywhere since it was blocked off at one end in 1974. It doesn’t even strictly belong to us.

  4. A (working) day in the garden can also be very satisfying 🙂 Sorry to hear that (once again), there are unforeseen problems, this time with your push bike.

    1. The problems getting the parts may have to do with Brexit as I understand that some EU suppliers have stopped supplying the UK market because it needs such a mountain of paperwork and extra expense too.

  5. Compost bins can be too exciting 🙂 What a lovely day….and glad to hear Dropscone is getting better. BTW – just said to my husband ‘Mr Tootepedal has made beef olives’ and he looked at me as if I was slightly mad……

    1. We are getting into summer and we had summer temperatures today. I had a couple of exciting moments while I was mowing the dam but managed to steady myself in time.

  6. This senior citizen could have taken the excitement of seeing sieved compost. 😉 A beautiful day in pictures. Glad to read that Dropscone continue to improves. Had to look up “beef olives.” Had never heard of them.

  7. I hope you are able to get your bike back without too much expense for the extra parts, and without too long a wait.

    So many bird youngsters out now. Here, I will keep an eye out for the young goldfinches. Violet tree swallows are flying about, and I am late getting the repaired nest box up.

    1. The expense is unavoidable! But I do hope that it is reasonable. Violet tree swallows sound very interesting. I read it at first as violent tree swallows which would have been even more interesting.

  8. We’ve just been remarking about the light evenings and how we should go for more walks. Your beautiful photos of your evening stroll have inspired us to get moving even more! Another good reason for turning your compost is that apparently it deters rodents from nesting in it! Lovely photo of the pale aquilegia.

    1. I hadn’t ever worried about rodents nesting in the compost. Now you have got me alarmed. Enjoy your evening walks while this good weather lasts.

  9. The bird of the day looks ‘pricked’ by shot. I am glad it is alive to tell the tale.

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