Home again

Today’s guest picture comes from our friend Bruce. He has noticed a subtle change in our post vans over the last month. After an early (by our standards) breakfast, we waved goodbye to our daughter and granddaughter, caught the tube from Stockwell to Euston, found our comfortable seats on the train to Carlisle, and proceededContinue reading “Home again”

Doing the Lambeth Walk and the play’s the thing

It was a chilly but sunny day today, so after a tasty brunch in a nearby cafe with Annie, Mrs Tootlepedal and I took a stroll through Lambeth and down to the river. Our route took us through some quiet and leafy back streets, as well as through two little parks, the second of whichContinue reading “Doing the Lambeth Walk and the play’s the thing”

A late walk

Today’s guest picture comes from my brother Andrew. He managed to take a very atmospheric picture as he crossed the River Derwent late on a misty afternoon recently. We had a marked change in the weather here today as we went back to a prolonged spell of rain. Luckily, not only did Margaret join usContinue reading “A late walk”