Pedalling and tootling (and walking)

Today’s picture is of a cage full of budgies which I passed on my bike ride as I went through Hollows It was far too cold (1º C) to go pedalling this morning so Dropscone took his ailing gears off to the bike shop and I dawdled around in my dressing gown being a retiredContinue reading “Pedalling and tootling (and walking)”

The day turned upside down

Today’s picture is a mystery. I was looking out for waxwings when I saw this bird. Any suggestions as to what it might be? It was another brilliant but very cold morning and Mrs Tootlepedal and I saw this flight of geese flying westwards over Langholm, perhaps headed for Caerlaverock.     I t wasContinue reading “The day turned upside down”

Nuclear reaction

Toady’s picture is a goldfinch. We had a flying visit from a few waxwings this morning but I don’t want the goldfinches to feel neglected. It was Sunday, the weather was cold but reasonably fair so it was out with the bike after giving the morning an hour or so to warm up to 5º.Continue reading “Nuclear reaction”