A day of many rests

Today’s picture was sent to me by my son Tony just to show what a nice day it was in Edinburgh today. Any advertising is entirely coincidental. They all got sunburnt. We had another uncommonly warm and sunny day here again today after a chilly start. It is rather weird to have midsummer temperatures whenContinue reading “A day of many rests”


Today’s picture gives a feeble impression of another night scene.  It shows the moon and Venus which were dazzlingly bright as I came home tonight. They looked much closer together in real life than in the picture. Our unseasonal fine weather continued, although it was quite chilly (4°C) when Dropscone arrived for the morning pedal. Continue reading “Wizardry”

Lunch by the sea

Today’s picture shows Dropscone (left) and the rest of the Langholm Golf Club team that lost a match at Innerleithen today.  They seem to have taken the defeat well.  They appear to be a fine body of men in every way. We had another unnervingly fine, warm, still day today.  This is not the weatherContinue reading “Lunch by the sea”

A tootle and a pedal (but not in that order).

Today’s picture is an improved view, taken by my sister Mary during a walk in better weather, of the magnolia at Kenwood. We had yet another dry day here too but in contrast to yesterday, the sun didn’t make it through the clouds apart from an hour or so in the morning.  We are inContinue reading “A tootle and a pedal (but not in that order).”

What’s up Doc?

Today’s picture shows my favourite New Zealander learning to pull her socks up.  Because she lives at the bottom of the world, pulling your socks up means that they come off. Another lovely day, another visit from Dropscone ready for the morning run.  The wind was in a slightly different direction and that combined withContinue reading “What’s up Doc?”

Team effort

Today’s picture, sent by Dropscone who was golfing at Innerleithen, shows what I think is a common newt, though my guide to newts says that the common newt is far from common any more. Because Dropscone was off golfing, I gave the morning ride a miss and devoted myself to useful tasks (after a leisurelyContinue reading “Team effort”

Minute improvement

Today’s picture shows the first wallflower to raise its head for this year. It was another grey, windy day but once again Dropscone arrived promptly for the morning pedal and we made it round without any unusual excitement and pleasingly, in a minute less than we did yesterday.  Any improvement is welcome.  There were noContinue reading “Minute improvement”

Hard work

Today’s picture shows one of Dropscone’s neighbours having a tree cut down in confined circumstances.  The picture was taken by his daughter I think. It was frosty first thing this morning and Dropscone was busy anyway so the morning ride was once again swapped for coffee and scones.  We bore this hardship with fortitude. IContinue reading “Hard work”

Flat as a pancake

Today’s picture, mutually shot by my sisters, Susan and Mary, shows them disporting in the London snow. The usually reliable weather forecast got it wrong today and and when I woke up, the garden was still covered in snow. There had been a slight freeze overnight and the snow was in a delightfully firm andContinue reading “Flat as a pancake”

Unexpected appearance

Today’s picture is a view of London from Primrose Hill.  It was taken by my sister Mary while on a morning walk. Inside those tall  buildings, smart young people are devising ever more complex gambling mediums with which they can make huge fortunes by bankrupting several national economies.  What fun for them. It was anotherContinue reading “Unexpected appearance”