Achilles ankle

Today’s picture is from another visit to a New Zealand bird sanctuary by my brother Andrew It was another in the recent succession of windless, freezing days today.  I thought that the cloudy weather might herald a change in temperature but it remained just above zero and so cycling was still not a possibility.  DropsconeContinue reading “Achilles ankle”

Hard work

Today’s picture shows an even greater profusion of snowdrops.  They are out all over the garden. And just like the snowdrops, I was up early and away to the local garage to take the car for its annual service and MOT.  I got back home into time to get ready to go out on theContinue reading “Hard work”

Gently does it

Today’s picture is another one from my sister Mary.  It is from Golders Hill Park.  This little park at the top of Hampstead Heath has both tennis courts and a good cafe.  I’m not surprised my sister was there. My back is far from well and Dropscone has been told to rest by his doctorContinue reading “Gently does it”

The calm after the storm

Today’s picture is a squirrel from Regent’s Park in London. It is from my sister Mary. We woke to a glorious blue sky and wall to wall sunshine. I rose, ate my breakfast, greeted Dropscone who had arrived for the morning pedal and then went back inside to put on my wet weather gear toContinue reading “The calm after the storm”

Very unhappy indeed

Today’s picture is the splendid restoration of the Scotsman Steps in Edinburgh. My sisters and brother walked up these the other day. They have been relaid in various shades of marble. It was a quiet restful day with a gentle pedal but the event overriding any pleasure that I had felt was the apparently fatalContinue reading “Very unhappy indeed”

Yellow sky at night

Today’s picture, from another outing of my sister Mary, shows Windsor Great Park. It was a decent day today and I took the opportunity to put a vast pile of Mrs Tootlepedal’s garden cuttings through the shredder. There was a good mixture of green stuff and woody stems so the results should compost well. AlthoughContinue reading “Yellow sky at night”

Turning out good stuff

Today’s picture shows the sparrows enjoying a sunny day in the fat ball fortress. It was a lovely morning so it seemed a good opportunity to go for a bicycle ride. I got out the speedy bike and set off up the Wauchope road once again, armed with two bananas and an energy bar. TheContinue reading “Turning out good stuff”

Recyling recycled

Today’s picture is another from Mrs Tootlepedal’s garden tour of  the south. The weather has settled down nicely at the moment and looking at the calendar, I see I have been out on the bike every day in July so far. Today was no different and in the continued absence of Dropscone on motoring business,Continue reading “Recyling recycled”

Not so dull

Today’s picture is of a sunset. We haven’t had many of these lately. It wasn’t raining when Dropscone arrived for the morning pedal but I put on the waterproofs out of habit. The result was that I got far too hot and apart from a moment or two near Glenzier, it didn’t rain at all.Continue reading “Not so dull”