Breezing about

Today’s picture is a bumble bee on an iris. To me as a fruit lover, the bee is the most important worker in the garden. As the speedy bike was at the bike doctor’s, I said to Dropscone as we prepared for the morning pedal, “It”ll have to be a slow one today.” This wasContinue reading “Breezing about”

I saw a cloud

Today’s picture is of a cloud in the sky, a very rare thing round here. There was a moment today when the sun actually didn’t shine but it quickly passed. We are threatened or promised a depression and some rain on Thursday and it will be much needed. The farmers are worried about their springContinue reading “I saw a cloud”

Another pedal, another tootle

Today’s picture is yet another tulip. I can’t help it. Although we are still waiting for some rain, the weather took a more suitable turn for April today with a brisk and rather chilly wind. We said goodbye to our B & B guest who was cycling to Land’s End. He has been enjoying aContinue reading “Another pedal, another tootle”

A very quiet day

Today’s picture is from Dropscone. This is his cherry tree. Dropscone has not been discouraged by the savage attack on his bicycle and he presented himself punctually for the morning cycle ride. Because of the rather expensive sounding noises coming from my speedy bike, I got out the slow bike in the vain hope ofContinue reading “A very quiet day”

Lying down

Today’s picture, taken by Dropscone, shows Arthur beaming with pride at Langholm’s answer to Augusta. Arthur regards the Langholm golf course as his garden. Another boringly fine day dawned and in the absence of Dropscone, who was taking his bent bike down to the repair shop, I pedalled round the morning run in lonely splendour.Continue reading “Lying down”

Goodbye to all that

Today’s picture is from Dropscone. He says that his garden is full of these beautiful flowers. Another dull day but fine for cycling so Dropscone and I went off on the regular morning pedal. After five miles, disaster struck Dropscone in the form of a puncture. I had a spare tube and although it wasContinue reading “Goodbye to all that”

The last day of sunshine

Today’s picture is of a bergania which has just come into bloom. The day dawned with one of those mists that promise a lovely day when they clear. It was still misty and decidedly chilly when Dropscone and I set off on the morning cycle ride but by the time that we had finished, itContinue reading “The last day of sunshine”