Calm before the storm

Today’s picture, which shows the sort of fun you can have in a Munich park if you happen to have your wetsuit with you, was sent to me by my friend Nancy who has just been there on an Art Club trip. The heavy rain, which had caused our end wall to leak, eased offContinue reading “Calm before the storm”

The red bike reborn

Today’s picture shows Dropscone with his bike back from the mender after it had been crushed by a car We were fortunate in being able to dodge the showers this morning as we went round the morning route. Although we met traffic at almost every junction, we got round in a reasonable time in theContinue reading “The red bike reborn”

I saw a cloud

Today’s picture is of a cloud in the sky, a very rare thing round here. There was a moment today when the sun actually didn’t shine but it quickly passed. We are threatened or promised a depression and some rain on Thursday and it will be much needed. The farmers are worried about their springContinue reading “I saw a cloud”

Goodbye to all that

Today’s picture is from Dropscone. He says that his garden is full of these beautiful flowers. Another dull day but fine for cycling so Dropscone and I went off on the regular morning pedal. After five miles, disaster struck Dropscone in the form of a puncture. I had a spare tube and although it wasContinue reading “Goodbye to all that”

Webbed feet

Today’s picture is of a drumstick primula which I first photographed a week or so ago and which is now almost fully out. It was pleasantly warm for April this morning and as there was only a light drizzle, Dropscone and I set out for the morning run in good heart. I had the slowContinue reading “Webbed feet”