A day of rest

Today’s guest picture shows a firework display at Glastonbury Abbey which my Somerset correspondent Venetia enjoyed whether she wanted to or not.  The picture was taken from her kitchen. After our brief but warmly welcomed spell of good weather, we woke up to find wind and rain again this morning so while Mrs Tootlepedal wentContinue reading “A day of rest”

Not as bad as it might have been

Today’s guest picture, sent by my son Tony to annoy us, shows his villa as seen from the beach as he and Marianne enjoy the Mediterranean sunshine on a short holiday. A look on the Met Office website this morning showed that the ‘feels like’ factor here was 7°C but even that felt generous asContinue reading “Not as bad as it might have been”

On song

It was a grey and gloomy day today and I needed a very cheerful guest picture.  Matilda kindly assisted by sending me this picture of her teaching her dad how to swim.  He seems to be enjoying it.  She takes her teaching task seriously. The forecast offered Dropscone and me a window of opportunity forContinue reading “On song”

Turned off

Today’s guest picture shows a fine mountain view taken by my brother Andrew in NZ when he was tramping to Silica Rapids at Whakapapa at the beginning of this month.  I may have remarked before that he is an exceptionally active chap.  The building in the foreground is a hotel. I was by no meansContinue reading “Turned off”


Today’s striking guest picture shows Bilbao.  My brother Andrew paid it a flying visit a few days ago. I was enjoying a day of rest today, having exceeded my cycling target for the month by some 90 miles.  This resolve was assisted by some very grey and dreary weather which persisted all day. It wasContinue reading “Carpeted”

It droppeth like the gentle rain from heaven

My sister Mary sent me such a fine selection of pictures from her walk in Regent’s Park this morning that I couldn’t choose between them and have made a composite guest picture of the day.  This is a first. She had better weather than us.  It was raining when we got up and apart fromContinue reading “It droppeth like the gentle rain from heaven”

The stable door proved somewhat fallible

Today’s guest picture shows the fine confection, made by a local chocolatier, which my flute pupil Luke gave as a birthday present to his grandfather. It was Luke’s flute exam today and although we will not know the result for a few weeks, his accompanist felt that he had played very well so we areContinue reading “The stable door proved somewhat fallible”

Relentless inactivity

Today’s guest picture is another from my neighbour Liz who is in New Zealand.  It shows a fine waterfall which would have been much bigger, she says, if they had had any significant rain since December. After the burst of activity that has followed Mrs Tootlepedal’s retirement, today was a marked contrast.  The weather wasContinue reading “Relentless inactivity”

Another day, another pedal, another tootle

Today’s guest picture is another of my brother’s pictures of Hardwick Hall.  It puts everything into perspective as they say. Today’s weather had good points and bad points about it and they were both caused by the same thing.  It was raining when we woke and it had obviously been raining all night…. …but theContinue reading “Another day, another pedal, another tootle”

Open Dawes policy

Today’s guest picture shows spring in Regent’s Park, London this morning.  It was sent to me by my sister Mary who was enjoying a game of tennis on the one of the public courts in the Park. By contrast here, Mrs Tootlepedal reported snow on the lawn when she got up.  By the time thatContinue reading “Open Dawes policy”