Song cycle day

Today’s guest picture is a beautiful Jute brooch (625 AD) seen in Liverpool’s World Museum by my brother on his recent visit to the city. Dropscone and I braved a forecast of strong winds and went for a spin round the morning run after breakfast.  The best thing about the morning run is that theContinue reading “Song cycle day”

Two tech surprises

Today’s guest picture shows Dropscone’s granny’s rocking chair which his son has recently got re-upholstered. I could have done with a rocking chair myself this morning as it was too wet and windy to be attractive to a cyclist.  As a result I spent the morning watching and waiting as breakfast morphed seamlessly into morningContinue reading “Two tech surprises”

Two pedals and a tootle

Today’s guest picture shows my sister Susan and a friendly penguin at Sunley Hall, a magnate’s mansion.  She was visiting it  in the company of my brother who took the picture. There was a bit of drizzle about and a gusty breeze but Dropscone and I were not discouraged and had a good morning pedalContinue reading “Two pedals and a tootle”


Today’s picture is another from my siblings’ current visit to Spain and shows the water feature in front of the Catalan National Art Museum in Barcelona.  It was captured by my brother. We had a very nice sunny day for the most part today but as Dropscone and I found out when we went toContinue reading “Variation”


Today’s guest picture is another from Zyriacus, showing a fine view of his local river. The weather gods had really decided to stick the boot in today to punish me for leaving my work on the toast until the last minute.  Instead of some nice grey drizzle, the morning was aburst with sunlight on everyContinue reading “Torment”

More excuse for deep relaxation

Today’s guest picture is Mike’s phone photo of the Fairy Loup taken a few days ago when there was more water about.  It is a technological triumph as his phone sent it to my phone and my phone sent it to my computer. Although it wasn’t Sunday, it was a day of rest today asContinue reading “More excuse for deep relaxation”

Now we’re cooking

Today’s guest picture shows a fine new staircase at the Tate Britain art gallery photographed by my sister Mary The temperature rose today, the wind was calm and so Mrs Tootlepedal and I resolved to go for a pedal.  First though there was singing in the church choir to be done by Mrs Tootlepedal andContinue reading “Now we’re cooking”


Today’s guest picture shows an approach to the village of Ilam in Staffordshire.  It is on the banks of the splendidly named Manifold River and was visited by my brother Andrew last month in pursuit of a cream tea. I had no need of a cream tea because Dropscone dropped in for morning coffee andContinue reading “Looking”