Street Party Time

Because this year’s Langholm Cornet lives on the corner of Wauchope Street and Wauchope Place, the inhabitants of both streets got together to throw a party for him today. There was lashings of grub, (Mrs Tootlepedal contributed vast supplies of well roasted chicken legs), ample supplies of drink and as the afternoon went on, we wereContinue reading “Street Party Time”

Golf, Worms and Garden on a Lovely Day

The morning started with a trip to the building society to round off the tax work of yesterday. I made a nice broth for lunch and then got picked up by my playing partner, Arthur Bell and went to play with modified success but great enjoyment in the Wednesday golf competition. (Modified = very little)Continue reading “Golf, Worms and Garden on a Lovely Day”

The Lonely Pedaller and a Can of Worms

I had to go round the morning pedal by myself today as my usual partner had gone off to play golf (rather selfishly, I thought). Nevertheless, I had a good run in light winds and thoroughly enjoyed myself. After the cycle ride, a large parcel was delivered containing a very swish wormery and a goodContinue reading “The Lonely Pedaller and a Can of Worms”