Quieter day

Today’s picture is of swans in the Longtown gravel pit. As Mrs Tootlepedal and my sister have both contributed swans to the blog, I thought I should do my bit too. In any other year, today would have ranked as a very nice day for January but after the explosion of light of yesterday, itContinue reading “Quieter day”

Orange Tuesday

Today’s picture is of a siskin’s head. As I have remarked before, they seem to be fearless. I wish the other birds would make it as easy to get close. Another frosty morning made making marmalade the order of the day rather than biking.   I sliced the oranges by hand yesterday instead of usingContinue reading “Orange Tuesday”

A pedal, a walk and a ride

Today’s picture, sent in by Gavin Graham, shows the poplars that are being cut down along the waterside in the Buccleuch Park. It is rather sad to lose these landmarks. Irritatingly, although the weather was pleasant enough, the temperature in the morning was just too cold for cycling. I had to scrape ice off theContinue reading “A pedal, a walk and a ride”

Oh happy day

Today’s picture shows Mrs Tootlepedal departing for a cycle ride in the afternoon. This indicates a marked change for the better in the weather as she is mostly  a fair weather pedaller. The day started, as a day ought to, with a morning cycle ride with Dropscone. We didn’t go on our normal route asContinue reading “Oh happy day”

On the road at last

Today’s picture is of two siskins just to show that although the temperature may change, some things stay the same. From a bird feeder point of view, it was a curious day. The appearance of the birds was very sporadic indeed with an almost complete absence of bramblings for instance. The temperature was up toContinue reading “On the road at last”

Out and about at last

Today’s picture is of a large skein of geese over the Esk near the border taken with my little camera. You can just see them if you peer very hard. The temperature has been so benign (above freezing) for a few days that Dropscone and Arthur were able to play in the winter golf competitionContinue reading “Out and about at last”

A trip up Wauchope

I have received quite a few photos from friends. This one is from my sister Susan’s friend, Rachel. She says it is a duck. I believe her. The thaw continues here but the going underfoot continues to be very slippery. I went up to buy more bird feed and it was extremely treacherous. Unfortunately, itContinue reading “A trip up Wauchope”