Unexpected bonus

Today’s picture is of Adrian, our winter B&B guest, who is working at EWM There were three unexpected bonuses today. The first was an excellent picture sent to me by my sister Mary, probably from Regents Park during one of her morning walks. She has obviously been reading the camera manual most carefully. What anContinue reading “Unexpected bonus”

Very satisfying day indeed

Today’s picture is of the tame heron at the Kilngreen What a glorious day. The temperature rose to a magnificent 6º (it just missed a magnificent seven) and the snow has really faded away except in shaded spots. As a result, for the first time for ages I was able to get out a bike,Continue reading “Very satisfying day indeed”

At long last

Today’s picture is of a frozen cobweb outside the bathroom window. The photo doesn’t do it justice. It was magical to look at. It was another rather housebound day today, though Mrs Tootlepedal went to work and I managed a short trip to John’s shop. It was minus 5º when we got up and itContinue reading “At long last”

Pedalling and tootling (and walking)

Today’s picture is of a cage full of budgies which I passed on my bike ride as I went through Hollows It was far too cold (1º C) to go pedalling this morning so Dropscone took his ailing gears off to the bike shop and I dawdled around in my dressing gown being a retiredContinue reading “Pedalling and tootling (and walking)”