Two steps forward

Today’s flower is another harbinger of spring. Mrs Tootlepedal planted many winter aconites but this is the only one showing so far this year. The snow had retreated and the temperature was a balmy 5º so after a leisurely breakfast, I got the speedy bike out and headed down the A7 again towards Longtown. WhileContinue reading “Two steps forward”

Got those blues again

Today’s picture shows the return of the dreaded snow As a result of this light dusting, I gave up the hope of cycling in the morning and golfing in the afternoon and settled for working in the morning and cycling in the afternoon. I caught a very smart looking chaffinch among the damp branches beforeContinue reading “Got those blues again”

Working seriously at last

Today’s picture is from the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square and was sent to me by my sister Mary Conditions were very good for the morning ride and Chuck and I enjoyed a pleasant pedal although we had to butt into the wind for the last three miles. Dropscone had gone to a funeral andContinue reading “Working seriously at last”

A is happy, B is not (that is assuming I am B)

Today’s picture shows the heron from the Kilngreen sitting on a wire in Elizabeth Street for a change. I took this a day or two ago. It was a very unsatisfactory day from the start. The temperature was only 1.6º at nine o’clock which put paid to cycling so I did some work on theContinue reading “A is happy, B is not (that is assuming I am B)”

Getting my eye in again

Today’s picture is another of Mrs Tootlepedal’s interesting pictures of tree trunks, taken on her walk today. (You’ll need to click on the picture to get it’s full beauty.) Dropscone had other business to attend to but Chuck and I managed to dodge the numerous heavy showers that were about and get round the morningContinue reading “Getting my eye in again”

I can see clearly now

Today’s picture, taken by Mrs Tootlepedal as she came home from her walk, shows the author at work through the sitting room window. The ointment provided by the hospital had had a very good effect on my eye so that when I woke up it was pain free which was a blessing. It was rainingContinue reading “I can see clearly now”

One in the eye

Today’s picture, taken by Mrs Tootlepedal shows me in the role of the pirate king. This entertaining cameo came about because I have got conjunctivitis. I really don’t know how this could have happened because it says on the internet that it is a disease that mostly old people are likely to acquire. I wokeContinue reading “One in the eye”