Dropscone returns

Today’s flower is the other big burst of colour remaining in the garden It was an extremely wet morning today so there was no cycling.¬† The internet came on again which was a relief. You don’t realise how much of your life revolves around the internet until it disappears. My golfing partner Arthur came roundContinue reading “Dropscone returns”

Better late than never

I couldn’t post the blog yesterday because we suffered from a complete internet failure. It only came back on-line this morning so I am posting yesterday’s blog today. Today’s flower is one of the last splashes of colour left in the garden We had unexpected visitors two nights ago as we thought that they hadContinue reading “Better late than never”

A nice cup of tea (red bush) and a slice of cake

No flower today as I forgot to take the camera into the garden and the flowers are disappearing because of the cold nights anyway. I might have to start having a bird of the day soon. I had a very quiet day today what with it being Sunday and myself being somewhat tired. In theContinue reading “A nice cup of tea (red bush) and a slice of cake”