Head in the clouds

Today’s flower is a very late blooming Michaelmas daisy. Mrs Tootlepedal has been disappointed in how long it has taken to bloom. Today was a complete contrast to yesterday in that the clouds never lifted for the greater part of the day and the hills were covered so the views on my bike ride wereContinue reading “Head in the clouds”

Off to see the Glasgow Boys

Today’s flower is a butterfly-less sedum Being woken up by the sound of rain hammering down on the Velux window is never pleasant but on this occasion the fact that I wasn’t intending to cycle today made the pain more bearable. Our plan was to pick up our friend (and fellow archivist and embroiderer) JeanContinue reading “Off to see the Glasgow Boys”

Tamara Drew us to Carlisle

Today’s flower is the frost affected Fuschsia in full bloom Although the weather was wet, after a telephone consultation, Dropscone and I embarked on the morning ride. Apart from being nearly drowned by the bow wave of a passing lorry on the A7, it wasn’t too bad. However, we were wet enough at the finishContinue reading “Tamara Drew us to Carlisle”