Goodbye to all that

Today’s picture is from Dropscone. He says that his garden is full of these beautiful flowers. Another dull day but fine for cycling so Dropscone and I went off on the regular morning pedal. After five miles, disaster struck Dropscone in the form of a puncture. I had a spare tube and although it wasContinue reading “Goodbye to all that”

Glorious sunshine

Today’s picture is of one of the remaining chaffinches enjoying a sunflower seed in the warm evening sunshine Today’s blog is rather picture heavy but not too many birds from the garden. Bruce, a great railway enthusiast read yesterday’s blog and sent me two pictures from years gone by to match the places that MrsContinue reading “Glorious sunshine”

Dropscone drops in

Today’s picture is a positive clump of daffodils. In spite of the show of daffodils, it was a pretty chilly morning once again. It was only just above freezing when I had my porridge and I had to wait for the temperature to get above 3º before I set out on the morning ride. BecauseContinue reading “Dropscone drops in”

Not getting about much

Today’s picture shows why the morning ride was not an attractive option. Instead of pedalling, I buckled down to do some of the final work on the DVD before today’s committee meeting. Arthur Bell came round and I took the opportunity to show him three sections to check that I hadn’t made any major factualContinue reading “Not getting about much”

A song and a smile

Today’s picture, from my sister Mary, is of a striking sculpture at Marble Arch in London. What it signifies is hard to tell.   It was a grey day with a slight drizzle but the wind was light and the temperature just above 3º so the morning ride was on. In fact, in spite ofContinue reading “A song and a smile”

No call for an ark after all

Today’s picture is of the regulars enjoying a little basking in the sun. The day dawned bright and more or less windless and the temperature was just above 3º so it was out with the bike for the morning run with Dropscone. A slight drawback appeared when I discovered that the front tyre was punctured.Continue reading “No call for an ark after all”