Into every life…

Today’s picture shows the only one round here who thought that it was a nice day. Mrs Tootlepedal spied this duck strolling up the road this morning in a light drizzle.  I went out to take the picture and then retired inside and stayed there for the rest of the morning.  It was still quiteContinue reading “Into every life…”

A bridge not far enough

Today’s picture shows the good effect that closing a bridge has on the traffic on a main road from a cyclist’s point of view. Dropscone was off rating a golf course and Mrs Tootlepedal had gone to work again so I had the day to myself from a cycling point of view.  The forecast hadContinue reading “A bridge not far enough”

No show

Today’s picture shows Mrs Tootlepedal’s  marrow which would have been on display at the Langholm Show in the heaviest marrow class, if the show had not been cancelled. When we woke up, the rain was lashing down and the cancellation of the show looked like a good decision.  By ten o’clock though, the rain had Continue reading “No show”

Gently does it

Today’s picture is another one from my sister Mary.  It is from Golders Hill Park.  This little park at the top of Hampstead Heath has both tennis courts and a good cafe.  I’m not surprised my sister was there. My back is far from well and Dropscone has been told to rest by his doctorContinue reading “Gently does it”

The calm after the storm

Today’s picture is a squirrel from Regent’s Park in London. It is from my sister Mary. We woke to a glorious blue sky and wall to wall sunshine. I rose, ate my breakfast, greeted Dropscone who had arrived for the morning pedal and then went back inside to put on my wet weather gear toContinue reading “The calm after the storm”

Getting the wind up

Today’s picture shows a rose sheltering from the gales. The rose was doing very well. The plums turned out to be of the self picking variety. I had picked the best ones already but Mrs Tootlepedal was unwilling to let the wind have them all so she went out to pick the rest. Because MrsContinue reading “Getting the wind up”

A day of (enforced) rest

Today’s picture, sent to me by a Langholm exile in New Zealand shows an intelligent child anticipating the ideal Rugby World Cup final. For information, she is lying on a saltire and clutching a kiwi. We started the day by waving off our three cycling overnight guests. We don’t usually take three guests as weContinue reading “A day of (enforced) rest”

A grand night out

Today’s picture shows a new flower. It’s a rather small sunflower against a background of zebra grass. It was another fine morning but I had tasks to do. I dropped stuff off at the Archive Centre. I had forgotten that it was Friday and so I inadvertently interrupted the people who were reading in theContinue reading “A grand night out”