No rain all day

Today’s picture is of a patriotic thistle with insect A sunny morning greeted me on waking and I spent the first part of it after breakfast going round the morning ride, still by myself in the continued absence of Dropscone. Although there was a welcome lack of rain, it was a rather chilly day (14º)Continue reading “No rain all day”

A glimpse of blue sky

Today’s picture shows that the duck still has nine ducklings. The rain was still around in the morning but our B & B guests went off undaunted to a large hound show on the Castleholm and after a while, pausing only to take a picture of a blue phlox… …we followed them.  By the timeContinue reading “A glimpse of blue sky”

Another pedal, another tootle

Today’s picture is a gazania. It is a reliable indicator. If its petals are out, the sun is out. It was a lovely morning, the last for some time if the forecast is right, so I got the bike out and set off. I couldn’t go round the morning run because the Wauchope road isContinue reading “Another pedal, another tootle”

Yellow sky at night

Today’s picture, from another outing of my sister Mary, shows Windsor Great Park. It was a decent day today and I took the opportunity to put a vast pile of Mrs Tootlepedal’s garden cuttings through the shredder. There was a good mixture of green stuff and woody stems so the results should compost well. AlthoughContinue reading “Yellow sky at night”

Not a lot happening

Today’s picture shows one of the hanging baskets in the High Street that Mrs Tootlepedal and her co-worker were watering this evening. It was a day of two halves, as they say; pouring with rain in the morning and brilliant sunshine in the afternoon. I was extremely jiggered when I woke up, probably as aContinue reading “Not a lot happening”

Not much action

Today’s picture comes from my sister Mary. It is a huge totem pole which she surprisingly encountered at Virginia Water. I had arranged a visit to the health centre first thing in the morning which put paid to any thought of pedalling. This wasn’t as annoying as it might have been because it was rainingContinue reading “Not much action”

Langholm’s Great Day

Today was the day of the Langholm Common Riding and I have made an effort to give a picture of the day as it passed. For those who don’t know Langholm, the Common Riding is  a two hundred and fifty year old annual ceremony  arising originally from a court case where the inhabitants of LangholmContinue reading “Langholm’s Great Day”

Summer Fair

Dropscone has sent me a picture of his bruised leg for picture of the day but it was ruled out on the grounds of good taste and decency.  It looks very sore indeed. Here is a picture of the Holmwood rooks startled into flight by the pipe band instead. For one reason or another, IContinue reading “Summer Fair”

Drop drops in

Today’s picture shows the clipped front hedge and shows how noticeable the new lamp posts are in their gleaming sliver. The good weather continues and I continue to pedal. I have only missed two days so far this month. I went round the morning run by myself again today and stopped to take this pictureContinue reading “Drop drops in”