One man went to mow

Today’s picture is another from my indefatigable sister Susan, this time from Paris. It shows a station clock which is now in a museum. The day was grey, the forecast was foreboding but Dropscone and I, brave souls, went out regardless for the morning run.  I had the full rain gear on as it wasContinue reading “One man went to mow”

A nice cup of tea

Today’s picture is of a rose that I pruned by accident and which is now blooming in the kitchen. The forecast for the day was not too bad as Dropscone and I set off on the morning run but we had not gone far before we encountered roads wet from recent rain and a fewContinue reading “A nice cup of tea”

A hill too far

Today’s picture is the new wider front gate that Ross made for us now in position. I was hoping to sneak out for a quick pedal before playing golf but it was raining when I woke up and I didn’t feel very perky anyway so I spent some time catching up on things to beContinue reading “A hill too far”

Cyclists everywhere

Today’s picture, sent to me by my sister Mary, shows the three generations of my great nephew, Huseyin, Jem and Jamie. The forecast was good so Dropscone and I went off on an extended morning pedal today, starting at 8.30. I have put the route here for those interested. We went over Callister, through Gair,Continue reading “Cyclists everywhere”

Chain reaction

Today’s picture shows the restored hotel at St Pancras Station.  It was taken by my sister Susan. It was not a morning to fill your heart with joy and I was feeling rather gloomy as Dropscone and I set off in a miserable drizzle. It wasn’t long before I cheered up a bit. Just afterContinue reading “Chain reaction”

Only a pawn in the garden

Today’s picture, sent to me by my sister Susan, is of my new great nephew Jamie. Obviously the finest looking baby in the world. It was a lovely morning and when we had said goodbye to our B & B guest, it was obviously the day for a pedal. Mrs Tootlepedal, however, had different ideas.Continue reading “Only a pawn in the garden”

A day out

Today’s picture comes from my daughter Annie’s walks round the London Loop. This is a continuous walk round London and the latest section took in these Californian redwoods in Havering Country Park. Once again, the day started in a proper manner with a pedal round the morning circuit of 20.6 miles. The wind was strongerContinue reading “A day out”

Tipping point

Today’s picture is another from my sister Mary. She found a moment of sunshine and shot out into Regent’s Park for a walk. This is the rose garden there. Dropscone finally reappeared today after various distractions had kept him away from cycling for over a week. He had obviously taken no hurt from the enforcedContinue reading “Tipping point”

Fruit and veg

Today’s picture perfectly displays life as it is Our wonderful hot summer was over in a trice and we were back to grey, windy conditions again. To be truthful, I was pleased about the reduced heat as I found yesterday too hot by half but I do think it has gone a bit too farContinue reading “Fruit and veg”

There’s always a price to pay

Today’s picture is another look at the Thames from my sister Mary’s walk of yesterday. Today was summer.  I took the opportunity to take three general pictures of the garden. One of the things that you discover when you take pictures in our garden, is that we are surrounded by houses. When you are inContinue reading “There’s always a price to pay”