All up

Today’s guest picture shows the Roman theatre in Lecce, a town deep in the ‘heel’ of Italy.  It was taken by my peripatetic brother who is touring there with his wife. My brother is getting the best of the weather as it was another chilly, drizzly day here today with not a glimpse of theContinue reading “All up”

Happy birthday

No guest picture today as there has to be a space for the magnificent birthday cake cooked for me by Mrs Tootlepedal on the occasion of my birthday.  Because of my advanced age, it was impossible to cook a cake large enough to hold an appropriate number of candles so in the finished product, theContinue reading “Happy birthday”

Step two

Today’s guest picture is another one of Regent’s Park on a glorious day early in this month.  It was taken by my sister Mary when she was either on her way to or back from a game of tennis there. We had a bright but slightly hazy day for my second trip to Dumfries InfirmaryContinue reading “Step two”

Step one

Today’s guest picture, sent to me by my neighbour Liz, who has just been on holiday in Spain, shows a handsome monument carved from an eucalyptus tree that she saw there.  The ladder gives a clue as to its height. I had time for breakfast and not much else before setting off to Dumfries InfirmaryContinue reading “Step one”

A traditional day

Today’s guest picture, taken by my recorder playing friend Susan on her recent holiday, shows her brother taking the F1 simulator test at Brooklands.  This is the very epitome of going nowhere fast. Dropscone and I actually went somewhere this morning too but we didn’t go very fast.  We did the morning run to GairContinue reading “A traditional day”