Miracle cure (temporary)

Today’s guest picture sent to me from Edinburgh shows the world’s greatest baby wearing what must be the world’s greatest baby bonnet since it was knitted by the the world’s greatest baby’s grandma. We had another of the just above freezing, cold, dry, windless days which have been our meteorological diet recently.  This left theContinue reading “Miracle cure (temporary)”

Back again

Today’s guest picture is another from my brother’s recent misty visit to Haarlem. We didn’t go as far as any mist but we had another near freezing and grey day today.  When I got up, I was surprised to see that another little layer of snow had fallen during the night. This is not aContinue reading “Back again”

A big lunch

Today’s guest pictures comes from my brother’s trip to New Zealand last autumn and shows a Himalayan Thar or Tahr.  You don’t see many of them about here but they have been introduced to NZ.  He encountered this one at Paradise Springs near Rotarura. We had gone to bed with a lot of snow inContinue reading “A big lunch”

Soldering on

Today’s guest picture is another from my brother’s travels.  After visiting Dovedale, he headed on to Leicestershire and went past the charmingly named Grace Dieu Priory built in1250 AD.    As you can see, this was one of the many religious buildings that was dissolved.  This happened in 1538.  We had another non raining day todayContinue reading “Soldering on”

Modified rapture

Today’s guest picture is another that I have ‘borrowed’ from Venetia and shows a fine view of the celebrated Glastonbury Tor which she photographed on a recent walk. When dawn should have broken after a night of heavy rain, it was still so dark that it was hard to tell what time it was atContinue reading “Modified rapture”

Not quite as planned

Today’s guest picture was sent to me by Bruce, who was visiting the Monsal Trail near Hassop in Derbyshire.  He says that it proves that there is light at the end of the tunnel. There wasn’t a lot of light here today and with the temperature only rising to miserable 1 degree C, my planContinue reading “Not quite as planned”

A little step further

Today’s guest picture is a Harris hawk which my brother noticed while on a trip the other day.  From the trailing cord on its legs, it looks like a falconer’s bird.  I might well have been walking rapidly in the other direction rather than taking photos as it looks quite alarming to me. The mistContinue reading “A little step further”

Skating on thin ice

Today’s guest picture shows a cycle track on an old railway leading to Melbourne.  Although my brother Andrew, who took the picture earlier this month, was in Melbourne, Australia not long ago, this Melbourne is in Leicestershire, England. It was a fine sunny morning when we got up and the dogwood in the back borderContinue reading “Skating on thin ice”

A welcome arrival

Today’s guest picture is a triumph of technology in one respect at least.  This impressionistic portrait of Matilda was taken by Mrs Tootlepedal on her phone during her visit to Edinburgh today in very poor light.  The technological triumph was in passing it via bluetooth to my phone and then by wire to my computer. Continue reading “A welcome arrival”

Getting the last mile or two out of the knee

Today’s guest picture features Bob.  He was captured by Liz, the clarinet playing daughter of veteran pennyfarthing cyclist Mike.  She has dug a camera out and is finding out about the settings.  She is doing pretty well so far in my view. We woke to another grey day but it was brightened by Mrs Tootlepedal’sContinue reading “Getting the last mile or two out of the knee”