A pedal and a tootle

Today’s guest picture shows a fine Zwartble tup.  It was sent to me by Irving, who bred it.  They are a Dutch breed.  I have never knowingly seen one before. We had another grey day today, a day far too dark and gloomy to allow for taking proper photographs so I limited myself to takingContinue reading “A pedal and a tootle”

A quick dip

Today’s guest picture comes from Mike Tinker.  He was in Oban on the west coast of Scotland when he saw this fine sunset. We had some very welcome sunshine here today but the price to pay for it was a frosty morning and this in turn put paid to any idea of having a cycleContinue reading “A quick dip”

A long farewell to Edinburgh

Today’s guest picture shows the pretty church at Cavers which my neighbour Gavin passed while on a walk in the country near Hawick. I had a well organised day today with a sting in the tail. The morning started with a view of the feeder… …which was followed by a brief floral tour…. …and concludedContinue reading “A long farewell to Edinburgh”

The return of the mist

Today’s guest picture was sent to me by my Somerset correspondent, Venetia,  who is visiting my sister Mary in London.  She was as surprised to see this rhododendron on Mary’s garden as I was to get her photo of it.  They must really be ahead of the game down there. You couldn’t see much atContinue reading “The return of the mist”

White out

Today’s guest picture is a reminder of summer.  It shows two shots of a dragonfly spotted by Mike Tinker on holiday in Wales. Although some of the snow had melted away from yesterday, there was enough about to make some icy spots on our local roads and to keep our hills still looking pretty white.Continue reading “White out”

There’s no business like snow business

Today’s guest picture shows the Royal Yacht Britannia.  It is parked in Leith as a visitor attraction and lies just outside the window of the soft play area attended by Matilda and her father. We woke to what is traditionally described as a winter wonderland today.  In fact it wasn’t particularly wonderful as the snowContinue reading “There’s no business like snow business”

Sticking to the script

Today’s guest picture shows Singapore Cathedral.  Mike Tinker sent me the picture and he added that he thought that I might notice that space is at a premium on the island. The temperature started off on the chilly side and gradually got colder as they day went on and we are now expecting snow tomorrow.Continue reading “Sticking to the script”

A fond farewell

Today’s guest picture comes from my brother Andrew’s visit to Manchester recently.  He found this wonderful 1941 railway bridge across the ship canal there.  It is confined to walkers and cyclists these days, he tells me. After a wet and windy night, we had another rather grey morning today, made greyer by the fact thatContinue reading “A fond farewell”

Acquired pleasure

Today’s guest picture shows some raised beds which our daughter Annie is constructing for her London allotment.  I look forward to seeing them again later in the year. The weather was unseasonably warm and calm today but generally rather grey and cloudy again. Our Carlisle choir started for the new session today and in traditionalContinue reading “Acquired pleasure”

Gently does it

Today’s guest picture comes from my son Al and shows Matilda enjoying one of her Christmas presents.  As our daughter Annie gave it to her, she will be happy too. We had another grey day here today but at least the geese had managed to find the way home by the time that I gotContinue reading “Gently does it”