Rain sandwich or singing in the rain

Today’s guest picture comes from Venetia.  Although a cat lover, she was rather taken by Beethoven when she met him a couple of days ago.  As a musician, she might have been influenced by his name of course. The day started off in a chilly but sunny manner and I was wakened by the clatterContinue reading “Rain sandwich or singing in the rain”


Today’s guest picture is one that my brother cunningly took of himself at Red Tarn above Buttermere in the Lake District on his recent visit there with my elder sisters. He loves to scamper up a mountain if one is available. Today was a marked improvement on the recent windy and wet weather as itContinue reading “Warblepedal”

Peering about in the gloom

Today’s guest picture was sent to me by my friend Bruce.  He and his wife have been for a lunch at Gretna, which is on the border between England and Scotland.  As a service to their customers, the eating house of their choice shows the time on both sides of the border. After a wildContinue reading “Peering about in the gloom”


Today seems to be World Book Day and to celebrate this, my Newcastle correspondent has sent me a picture of her daughter Hannah with just a few of the books she is reading. The temperature was a little up this morning.  This would have been welcome if the wind hadn’t also got up and theContinue reading “Unsatisfactory”

Over the hill at last

I have had a very good response to my request for guest pictures and I am working through them.  My thanks go to those who replied.  Today’s choice is a lovely view of Buttermere taken in the sun by my sister Mary and sent to me in a text message. We had a thoroughly sunnyContinue reading “Over the hill at last”

A varied day

Today’s guest picture is another from my brother’s visit to Haarlem.  It shows a clock dated 1520 still telling the correct time. After a weekend of rest, the men were back hard at work on the end wall.  The end of the roof has been re-tiled, a start made on the fireplace and a beamContinue reading “A varied day”

Day lite

Today’s guest picture is a deeply weepy  shot from Regents Park.  It was one a recent set taken there by my sister Mary. After a couple of reasonable days, the Met Office foreboding came true today and we started with a cold, grey and windy day and ended with a slightly warmer, much greyer andContinue reading “Day lite”

Hardly a quiet moment

Today’s guest picture shows some colourful ducks and ducklings (or perhaps geese, I can’t tell) which my sister Mary met in Regents Park. It was a day of meteorological contrasts with spells of sunshine mixed with fierce showers with the whole day overlaid with a very brisk and chilly wind. I managed to find aContinue reading “Hardly a quiet moment”

An unexpected break

Today’s guest picture comes from our neighbour Gavin, who is currently in San Francisco. He tells me, “This is Oracle, the USA entry for the 2015 Americas Cup. It passed our tourist boat today going at full speed with 2 speedboats tailing it and it was almost flying. I have never seen anything without anContinue reading “An unexpected break”

What a shower

Today’s guest picture is another from Mary Jo in Manitoba.  She was so sympathetic towards Mrs Tootlepedal’s gingerbread problem that she sent me this picture of an absolute disaster in her breadmaker department.  She adds that she couldn’t throw it out out for the birds as it might have killed one if she had hitContinue reading “What a shower”