All hail

No guest picture today but a garden puzzle instead.  Mrs Tootlepedal and I thought that someone had thrown a bicycle tyre into the garden when we caught a glimpse of this but we were wrong.  We know what it is now but can any gardening reader identify it? We greeted the dawn brightly today forContinue reading “All hail”

I’ll follow the sun

Today’s guest picture shows Blencathra in the Lake District.  My brother took the picture when he went for a walk on the hill. We were due a 95% eclipse of the sun today and I was completely flabbergasted when I woke up and saw some blue sky that made it look as though we mightContinue reading “I’ll follow the sun”

Prehistoric trail

Today’s guest picture was sent to me by Bruce.  He ordered 28 litter pickers from two different sources.  24 of them came in the small box at the front of his picture.  The other four from Amazon came in one enormous box each.  This is the economics of madness. It was sunny when I wokeContinue reading “Prehistoric trail”

I didn’t mean to do it.

Today’s frightening guest picture comes from a visit to the gardens at Alnwick by my Newcastle correspondent.  What lies behind the gate?  We can only wonder. Feral primroses perhaps? We had another fairly chilly, grey day today but at least the wind had dropped so as soon as I could manage after breakfast, I gotContinue reading “I didn’t mean to do it.”

The best laid plans..

Today’s guest picture comes from my Manitoba correspondent Mary Jo.  She recently paid a visit to Vancouver where she enjoyed this view of the Burrard Inlet A dominant high pressure system gave us another day of chilly easterly winds and grey clouds here.  It is not feeling very springlike at all at the moment althoughContinue reading “The best laid plans..”

A good hiding

Today’s guest picture comes from my friend, the clarinet playing gardener Liz and shows a fine scarlet elf cup which she met while walking the dog, I started the day by making a lamb stew for the slow cooker while Mrs Tootlepedal went off to sing in the church choir.  I use the slow cookerContinue reading “A good hiding”

Snapping my fingers at the clouds

Today’s picture comes from sunny Morocco where my friend Sue was recently on holiday.  It shows her on a camel.  She is the one looking cool on the right. Once again, it is lucky that the guest picture comes from sunny climes as we had another very overcast and gloomy day here. It wasn’t aContinue reading “Snapping my fingers at the clouds”

Making the best of it

Today’s guest picture is another cheerful  contrast from San Jose to our gloomy weather.  It was sent by Gavin and shows his granddaughter and a friend in a neighbour’s lovely garden.  The drawback is that he was told that it can cost up to $200 a month to water the garden in the summer months.Continue reading “Making the best of it”

Rain sandwich or singing in the rain

Today’s guest picture comes from Venetia.  Although a cat lover, she was rather taken by Beethoven when she met him a couple of days ago.  As a musician, she might have been influenced by his name of course. The day started off in a chilly but sunny manner and I was wakened by the clatterContinue reading “Rain sandwich or singing in the rain”


Today’s guest picture is one that my brother cunningly took of himself at Red Tarn above Buttermere in the Lake District on his recent visit there with my elder sisters. He loves to scamper up a mountain if one is available. Today was a marked improvement on the recent windy and wet weather as itContinue reading “Warblepedal”