Today’s picture shows the Croatian parliament building in Zagreb.  It is from my sister Susan and I thought that you would like to see it. We started our day by catching the park and ride bus back into the centre of Ludlow because Mrs Tootlepedal had noticed a promising bookshop which might have the bookContinue reading “Arrived”

In hot water

Today’s picture is another charming Chinese scene from Bob and Nancy’s recent tour. It shows the garden of the master of the Nets in Suzhou but of course you knew that already. It was another lovely day and I had a pang at not being able to go out for a good pedal but IContinue reading “In hot water”

Centre forward

Today’s pictures shows the same scene ten days ago and today just to show how the recent rains have filled the river up. The forecast was for strong winds and my joints were not quite what they should be so I relied on Dropscone only for company over coffee  today and forwent the cycling. MrsContinue reading “Centre forward”

Lounging around

Today’s picture is from my sister Mary’s recent holiday in Wales.  She was on the mountain railway. It was another forecast defying day, slightly warmer than of late and with several periods of fine sunny weather.  Dropscone was off on family business and I took the opportunity to have a day of rest.  I managedContinue reading “Lounging around”

A varied palette

Today’s picture shows the Roman ruins at Amathus from my sister Susan’s recent trip to Cyprus. Our gentle  transition to colder weather continued today with a cloudy but still day which, if we hadn’t just had a week of summer sunshine, would have been considered a very reasonable day for early April.  It let DropsconeContinue reading “A varied palette”

A tootle and a pedal (but not in that order).

Today’s picture is an improved view, taken by my sister Mary during a walk in better weather, of the magnolia at Kenwood. We had yet another dry day here too but in contrast to yesterday, the sun didn’t make it through the clouds apart from an hour or so in the morning.  We are inContinue reading “A tootle and a pedal (but not in that order).”

A sense of normality undermined by treacle

Today’s picture features a London bridge (not the London Bridge) from one of my sister Mary’ s walks round Kenwood. The powers that be, having held a conference, decided that they didn’t want to spoil us with too much sun and put it away for the day.  They sent a little wind to liven usContinue reading “A sense of normality undermined by treacle”

A spring in my step

Today’s picture is a magnificent magnolia in front of Kenwood House, London.  It was sent by my sister Mary who took it on a walk on a rather gloomy morning. We were greeted here by the second sunny day running and our hearts were lifted as spring was in the air all around.   There wasContinue reading “A spring in my step”

Dropscone drops scones, drops in

Today’s picture from Dropscone’s recent French holiday shows some of the remains of Mulberry harbour which was towed across the channel for the D Day landings. The weather here, fed up with being grey and dreary, leapt into action with additional rain and wind so it was wet, windy and grey and dreary today.  IContinue reading “Dropscone drops scones, drops in”