Getting the point

Today’s picture is a snapshot from around 1960 of my very brief career as the next Stirling Moss.  In those day it was called a go-cart, now it would be called a kart.  It was scanned from the original by my brother Andrew.  I would imagine that since it was taken with a box camera,Continue reading “Getting the point”

Regular visit

Today’s picture shows the Regent’s Canal which runs through the heart of London.  It was sent to me by my sister Mary who met it on one of her walks. The sky was blue, the sun was shining, it was very, very cold.  Dropscone was busy so I was able to let the temperature riseContinue reading “Regular visit”

Rubbing shoulders with greatness

Today’s picture comes from Monterey, CA and was sent to me by Dropscone’s niece, Hilary,  who was on a visit.  I’m not going swimming there. The first thing to say about today’s post is that there really are too many pictures in it but my defence is that it is my diary and I hadContinue reading “Rubbing shoulders with greatness”


Today’s picture is another from my brother’s recent walk on the Staffordshire/Derbyshire border.  It shows a gate for very thin people or perhaps, one legged walkers.. It wasn’t a good day for a walk here or a pedal for that matter as it was raining lightly and steadily when we woke up.  On the plusContinue reading “Unhelpful”

Information underload

Today’s picture shows a very small boat in a very big lock on the Thames.  It is from one of my brother Andrew’s recent excursions. It was another fine day today, making it two in a row, a very rare thing this year so far.  Dropscone appeared and I went with him round the morningContinue reading “Information underload”

Info rush

Today’s picture is the re-appearance of the chubby siskin kid… …or another one looking just the same. The little siskins are a bit strange.  They stand absolutely still, doing nothing, saying nothing, visited by no-one and then the next time you look, they have gone.  They don’t tweet or flap their wings like the littleContinue reading “Info rush”

Balancing the books

Today’s picture is of an avocet photographed by my brother Andrew on one of his excursions last month.  It was near Liverpool I think. There was no sun in the morning and the occasional drop of rain was to be felt but it was pleasantly warm as the cold north easterly winds had gone.  ThisContinue reading “Balancing the books”


Today’s picture comes from Dropscone and shows the road to Lodgegill along which he rode while I was away on holiday. We would like to have a bit of that fine weather this week but the jet stream has done us down and we are in line for a week of cold and sometimes wetContinue reading “Jubilation”

Concerted action

Today’s picture comes from my brother and shows the extraordinary lengths some people go to in order to celebrate the Queen of England’s diamond jubilee. We have gone from very warm to very chilly in one day here and we woke to a grey cloudy day with a raw northerly wind blowing again.  This wasContinue reading “Concerted action”

Hot stuff

Today’s picture is another of my sister Mary’s from her visit to Richmond Park. We had another wonderful day of warm, sunny weather with a light breeze to cool us a little as required.  Neither of us had slept very well so we enjoyed a late breakfast before taking advantage of the day. It wasContinue reading “Hot stuff”