A trip up Wauchope

I have received quite a few photos from friends. This one is from my sister Susan’s friend, Rachel. She says it is a duck. I believe her. The thaw continues here but the going underfoot continues to be very slippery. I went up to buy more bird feed and it was extremely treacherous. Unfortunately, itContinue reading “A trip up Wauchope”

Unexpected bonus

Today’s picture is of Adrian, our winter B&B guest, who is working at EWM There were three unexpected bonuses today. The first was an excellent picture sent to me by my sister Mary, probably from Regents Park during one of her morning walks. She has obviously been reading the camera manual most carefully. What anContinue reading “Unexpected bonus”

The day turned upside down

Today’s picture is a mystery. I was looking out for waxwings when I saw this bird. Any suggestions as to what it might be? It was another brilliant but very cold morning and Mrs Tootlepedal and I saw this flight of geese flying westwards over Langholm, perhaps headed for Caerlaverock.     I t wasContinue reading “The day turned upside down”