Roaming about

Today’s picture shows a chasm on  Eyemouth golf course which Dropscone visited yesterday.  You have to hit across it from left to right and since I have a fear of heights, I have always played the shot with my eyes shut (which didn’t help me score well). Our weather here is conforming to the AprilContinue reading “Roaming about”

With a song in my heart

Today’s picture, from my son Tony,  shows the snowy Pentland Hills near Edinburgh.  They have pylons there too. In spite of the snow showers yesterday, not a flake of snow was to be seen this morning and in fact it was a nice sunny day.  A nice day that was until you went outside andContinue reading “With a song in my heart”

Keep right on to the end of the road

Today’s picture  is from my sister Susan’s recent visit to Cyprus where she saw many antiquities like this. Our summer in early spring continued for another day today but as Dropscone was away on family business, I took the opportunity to have a lazy morning and recover from cycling 300 miles in 16 days withContinue reading “Keep right on to the end of the road”

A day of many rests

Today’s picture was sent to me by my son Tony just to show what a nice day it was in Edinburgh today. Any advertising is entirely coincidental. They all got sunburnt. We had another uncommonly warm and sunny day here again today after a chilly start. It is rather weird to have midsummer temperatures whenContinue reading “A day of many rests”

A spring in my step

Today’s picture is a magnificent magnolia in front of Kenwood House, London.  It was sent by my sister Mary who took it on a walk on a rather gloomy morning. We were greeted here by the second sunny day running and our hearts were lifted as spring was in the air all around.   There wasContinue reading “A spring in my step”

Out and out

Today’s picture, another from Dropscone’s recent French holiday, shows the rather alarming World Peace Statue (Statue de la Paix) in Grandcamp-Maisy in Basse-Normandie region. It was a cold and cheerless morning when Mrs Tootlepedal went off to sing with the church choir so I did the sensible thing and retired back to bed where IContinue reading “Out and out”

Battered sole

Today’s picture features Guthrie on his very first walkies.  He brought Bruce with him. Everyone in the town was pleased to see the sun back today after a very gloomy week.  I was considering doing some resting on my bike but the sun was accompanied by a vigorous and chilly wind so I decided thatContinue reading “Battered sole”